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  1. Gloaf Boudreax was born and raised in the swamp. He learned from his father how to boil the spiciest damn crawfish you ever had. While attending a crawfish boil raiders attacked and killed his father. Gloaf vowed to kill those responsible. He learned how to scavenge and fend for himself in the wilds during this time period meeting Maurice "Mo" Gunn. Maurice "Mo" Gunn and Gloaf became good friends and Maurice "Mo" Gunn taught Gloaf survival and how to shoot. Gloaf found the raiders responsible and indeed killed them sustaining many injuries in the process. Gloaf now walks with a slight limp as his right leg was broken and did not heal perfectly. He became distrustful of Law enforcement after finding a girl named Sarah who happened to be the local settlements Sheriffs daughter. The local Sheriff now wanted badly to get Gloaf for taking his daughter and vowed to arrest Gloaf and hang him if he ever found him. Maurice "Mo" Gunn found a boat to steal and offered Gloaf a ride if he helped allowing him to take sarah with him and escape the Local Sheriff. Sarah agreed and followed Gloaf. She became very ill and passed away shortly after these events. At 37 years old Gloaf arrived in this location with a broken heart and a weathered body.
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