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  1. Jarrett was born in the small town of Louisville, Ohio in 1998. His parents, Ron and Sue Zwick, both came from very educated families, and they were very smart themselves. His father was an engineer and his mother worked for NASA. These two parents had high expectations for there young prodigy from the day he was born. At the age of two they enrolled him in a special class for toddlers that was proven to enhance there mental capacity at an early age. Even as Jarrett enrolled in preschool his parents were already pressuring him to be the best in his class. At an early age he loved the motivation from his parents, but as he got older he quickly began to despise the crazy control freaks that were his parents. When he entered high school he really began to take an interest in nature books. He loved that he could get lost in the redwoods, or a tropical rain forest without even leaving his seat. Although he was reading, his parents began to catch on that there son was focusing more on a measly plant book than his actual grades in science and math. Soon he began to really struggle because he couldn't stop reading. In his Junior year at high school his parents began to fight, and before he knew it they were divorced. He found himself having to get lost in his books while traveling back and forth between the two houses. This constant travelling , and the addiction with books got to the point where Jarrett was missing school almost everyday. His mom, thinking she knew best sent him off to military school. One of Jarrett's favorite books of all time was about this mysterious land called Chernarus that had exotic plants beyond his belief. As lost in his books as he was, he never heard the news about the outbreak that came from contaminated water in chernarus's fresh water ponds. The outbreak soon turned the hustling growth in Chernarus into a survival war zone against things called the infected. On Jarrett's plane ride over to the military school his plane hit a flock of birds and had to take an emergency landing at Chernarus's airbase. Unfortunately the plane never made it to the airstrip and landed in the water right off the coast of Chernarus. Jarrett instantly swam to the shore, and he frantically began looking around for other survivors from the plane crash. He soon realized that he was the only one that got through the shark infested waters alive. Jarrett turned around to look at the land that he knew well. He could name and decipher every plant on Chernarus's island because of the books he read. Little did he know that Chernarus has been a barren wasteland with little survivors since the infection broke out 22 years ago. From here Jarrett set off only with one goal. Find help, and try to get home.