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  1. Kristof was born in Seattle to immigrants from Eastern Europe. He lived a fairly normal life there until he was 11 years old when his parents were killed in a car accident. Now orphaned, he was sent to live with his Paternal Grandparents (Irene & Harold) in Europe. Often proving to be too much for them to handle, he moved out when he was 17. He worked several small jobs for years, finally finding a life for himself in Bergen, working at a print shop, printing local newspapers. Newspapers began to lose their popularity, and Kristof began to age. Eventually he continued to move north. He tried his hand, working at salmon fisheries on the coast, oil storage facilities up north, and even tried to become a painter (he had very little success... or skill). Kristof's life has been a solitary one. He prefers to be a lone wolf, relying on his own skills to survive. When the apocalypse came, he was living alone in a small cabin, tucked away in a fjord near Trondheim. He tried to live on what he could scavenge and grow as much as possible -- even becoming a successful bee keeper for some time. His ventures into the nearby "town" of Selva were mostly for fishing tackle, fuel, and the occasional luxuries. Kristof lives a mostly ascetic lifestyle and is okay with limited options, and living with only the bare minimum. He's familiar with bush medicine, likes to travel light, and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Despite Kristof's desire to live and survive mostly on his own, he never turns down the opportunity to have a friendly interaction. He's happy to make a (profitable) trade with others, and lend a helping hand to those when they need it.
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