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  1. Polish bloke, born in the Silesian city of Toszek, well known for it's psychiatric ward. Joined military back in the mid 50's, as he barely reached the age of 18. Came back home early because of his injury, just two years after servicing for the Polish Armed Forces as a Special Troops Command for the AGAT group located in Silesia, Gliwice. Afterwards, he became mentally unstable blaiming the military for the loss of his brother that joined the forces 5 years prior to him, and died on the battlefield over in Afganistan in 2058. In the year 2060 Tomek met a group of fairly young people that wanted to travel across Scandinavia. Joining them, he had a plan in mind, to smuggle old weaponary blueprints acquired from the Polish Forces into the town of Nyheim. Little that he knew, most of his friends either ended up being dead, or went missing. From this point onwards, he really started to struggle mentally, seeking revenge in everyone, not only for his long lost brother, but also his companions. Trusting him is a total lottery.
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