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  1. Thorne was born in the bathtub of his parents home in Scotland in 2001. His father was a farmer and his mother a seamstress. He was an only child like his mother and father. Thornes childhood was simple and quiet living in a small village where everyone knew each other. He spent much of his time helping his father tend to the farm. When Thorne was 10, he met a girl named Isla at school. Isa was a year older than Thorne. They became best friends, a relationship that turned intimate a few years later in their early teens. In 2016 Isla became pregnant at 16, Thorne was only 15. Their parents were furious at first but quickly turned into excited grandparents-to-be. The grandparents pitched in to buy Thorne and Isla a small cottage to live in together to start their family. Quite young, but not unheard of in the area they lived in as children tended to grow up quickly to help in family businesses. Plus the house was no more than a 10 minute drive from Isla's parents. Thorne and Isla held a small family ceremony to get married before the baby was born. Both Isla and Thorne's birthdays had passed when in April of 2017 Isla was 39 weeks pregnant and began to go into labor. Thorne and Isla had talked about where to give birth early on and Thorne convinced Isla to do an at-home birth just as he had been born. The birth took 13 hours until their daughter Ava was born. The baby was healthy, but the mother was not. Isla was hemorrhaging badly. Panicked, Thorne called his parents and Isla's parents. They rushed Isla to the hospital which was more than an hour away. Isla passed out from a loss of blood. At the hospital, newborn daughter Ava in his arms, Thorne listened to the doctor explain that Isla's brain had gone too long without oxygen and that she had suffered brain death. They laid the newborn baby on her chest before pulling the plug. Isla was only 17. Thorne, now a 16 year old widower with a newborn daughter tried to hold himself together. He could not get over Isla's death, and in this immense sadness turned to alcohol. Thorne was drunk for most of the next 2 years when one day in May of 2019 he went very drunk to pick up Ava from daycare. The daycare worker did not want to give Ava to Thorne as she could tell he was drunk. Thorne pushed the daycare worker and took Ava. Police found Thorne passed out in the driver seat of his truck having driven it into a ditch. Ava was not hurt. Thorne was arrested and child services deemed him unfit to take care of Ava. Ava was sent to a foster home and Thorne spent 2 months in jail. After being released from jail, Thorne had decided he wanted to kill himself and never be found so Ava and his parents would never know what happened to him. He travelled to Russia to hang himself in a remote forest, hoping his body would be long decomposed before anyone went in the area. While walking through the forest, he discovered a house with a small shed. In the shed was a hunting rife and some ammo. He thought this would be a quicker way to go as he was afraid he might have second thoughts. Thorne walked for hours until it was night. He looked up at the moon, holding the rifle in front of him, turned it, put the barrel in his mouth, winced his eyes and pulled the trigger. Thorne woke up over a year later in a small abandoned hospital. There was no power and everything was silent except for faint thumping noises. Thorne discovered his door barricaded and the halls a disaster of beds and medical equipment. It smelled of death and rot. Thorne believes he died that day and is being punished by the Gods. He believed he was in hell. Throughout the years since, he believes more and more that he is in actual hell. He fears what the Gods will punish him with if he tries to kill himself again in this hell. He survives solely out of the fear of what he will face after this life, or who. Thorne slowly moved north through Russia going from one failed civilization to another. Over the last 15 years he has lived in the hills in near isolation, farming and fishing to survive. But the past few years the land has become infertile, barely producing enough to survive. Thorne is pushed north to Nyheim in hopes of fertile land to live out the rest of his days, that is, if the Gods will ever allow him to die.
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