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  1. Born in the capital city safezone of Canada. Life was going as good as it possibly could for the longest time there. Lots of food, water and other supplies were handy at all times. Life seemed hopeful there. But nothing can last forever in a world like this. Conflict for power began to impact our livelihood more than the actual outside world. A petty feud eventually lead to the betrayal of all of our people. A secret passage that allows for easy access to the outside was left unguarded during the night when the only people who are awake are the ones meant to take turns guarding. biters slipped in and panic arose causing a snowball of chaos. I ended up losing my mom and dad during the attack, they were the only ones I had. I fled with a small group of survivors and began heading east where we heard boats did regular transports for the people over seas. I was hopeful to arrive and begin a new life where I could hopefully live with a small group of survivors who I could trust instead. I obtained the nickname Meat from the group I was travelling with because I had no useful traits at the time. I was told my only usefulness would come if the group began to starve... After making it to the boat and sitting through the near weeklong ride we made it to France. The kind people who provide the transport provide nothing but exactly that. They get you across and then send you on your way so me and my group began heading deeper into the country. We set up a small camp and lasted for some time before one night my group abandoned me in my sleep leaving me with nothing but my travel pack and a couple pots. And this is the moment when my life as a survivor truly started. My quickly obtained ability to sneak around and scavenge for resources became my only way of survival. I've been looting and surviving one day at a time. I have no idea how long or how far I have traveled but as of now, it has landed me in a place called Nyheim.
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