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  1. In the year 2024 a family gave birth to a lovely little boy in the middle of the outbeak. Little did they know what was in store for them. A few days later things went South quickly. Zombies broke in the house, they tried to run but they were bitten. Hopefuly the mother was found by a family who was on the road out of there at the time. With haste she gave the young one to the family and run away. That family's name was Papadimitriou. Now we are 38 years from that day. That boy grew into a man. The family that made him what he is, is now long gone. Thankfully they managed to reach their final destination before the infection takes them. Nyheim seemed like a place that didn't exist. We heard of a community there. Safe community. We reached the place but when i went out to search for that community, I was the lucky one. When i returned home, at least what we thought was home at the moment, i found it full with the infected. i waited for a scream, a shout, something. i waited for hours but nothing. In the morning when things settled down and i managed to go in, none was alive. So i left the place and i roam until i find i proper home.
  2. I am extremely new to the game, and to the RPing also. i hope i become better in both in time. So we can all have fun and enjoy.
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