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  1. Bucky is your typical “pacifist” when it comes to other people, but has no mercy for the dead. He was born into this world in Western Europe, although his parents were both American and came over to Europe while running from their old cult-like gang that wanted them dead. Sadly, for Bucky, the gang tracked them to Europe eventually and held him hostage while forcing him to watch them torture and kills both his parents. Ever since that day Bucky has known what true pain is, and never would wish that heartbreak on even his worst enemies, this is why he’s stuck to his pacifist ideologies. Before his parents passed away, his father was a big hunter and taught him everything he knew. By the age of 12 Bucky was already an ace shot and was hunting on his own, able to defend himself from infected, and knew how to cook and decontaminate the meat he brought back to his family’s shelter. Bucky now roams alone, seeking for somewhere to live in peace and make some friends. He has come to Nyheim in hopes to find just that.
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