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  1. Prior Ashot’s and Mikhail’s arrival to Nyheim, they both were private military contractors. Ashot served in a PMC organisation called BEAR, which was created by the Russian government for completion of special operations that the regular army or special forces couldn’t or didn’t want to do themselves. After the fall of world nations, Russian private military companies such as BEAR collaborated together in order to save and protect the civilian population by evacuating and transporting them to a new safe location in Kaliningrad. The city became a commonwealth for people from the eastern bloc countries such as Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. Mikhail and Ashot were sent to Nyheim, because the people in charge of Kaliningrad now have an intention to rebuild the modern world, in order to do which the communities around the world will need to reunite once again. Agents have been sent to different parts of the surviving world to research and collect intel on the large settlements to choose potential allies for Kaliningrad. Due to uncertainty of the current situation in Nyheim, it lays upon Ashot’s and Mikhail’s shoulders to find out what is happening in Nyheim.
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