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  1. Before arriving to Nyheim Mikhail and his friend have been serving in a PMC called Bear. Bear is a Russian PMC that has been formed a long time ago before the fall. Before arriving to Nyheim they served in Bear for 2 years after finishing an army contractor service which every Russian man had to accomplish. After the fall of the world governments in 2020, Bear did not fall apart and form into gangs like many others did, but instead started collaborating among with others in order to save and protect the civilian population. They have retreated there main positions to Kaliningrad from there main base in Moscow and started evacuating the civilians form every where possible, including nearby countries such as Poland, Ukraine and couple of others. The reason why Mikhail and Ashot got sent to Nyheim is because the head of Kaliningrad wants to try and rebuild the world, in order to do this the world will need to reunite once again. Agents have been sent to different parts of the survived world in order to gain information. Nyheim is the only part of the survived world who's political situation is not quite clear, it lays upon there shoulders to find out what is happening in Nyheim.
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