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  1. I havent been here long, but the amount of work thats been put into the website and map alone shows some serious dedication. Ive been involved with several RP communities DayZ and GTA and can tell you based on what ive seen, having OOC chat channels is what ruins servers. If you give people a free place to bitch, moan and complain, the toxicity spreads like wild fire. If people have a problem with how something works or has suggestions, submit a ticket or a poll. The mindset of people that are constantly complaining and being negative seems to be, give me free shit and do this how i want you or i will REEEE. They want everything handed to them on a platter encrusted with gold. Thats just the world we live in. However, on the flipside if the devs dont listen to what the majority of the player base asks about, suggestions, ideas etc that will drive people mad to. (again i havent been here long enough to know how the dev team responds to feedback) Look at tarkov for example: Nikita is creating HIS game but a large portion of the players dont like what hes doing and have stopped playing (mostly the toxic timmys and negative nancys from my obesrvation) People will come and go, if they go, so be it. You guys create YOUR vision and your core group will stay with you.
  2. Long long ago in the early 2000's just before all of the madness and chaos started, Miller's grandparents and his mom when she was younger went on vacation. They took a trip to Finland for a summer vacation to visit some of Miller's grandparents old friends. Upon arriving small outbreaks of the frenzied flu had started to be reported around other areas of the world. Struck with fear, the family and families friends decided it was best for them to stay with them for a few weeks until the outbreak was contained. Several years went by with no sign of containment. While they had unofficially took up residency in Finland, Miller's mother had met someone who she was very fond of. The couple would have to sneak out in order to see each other due to the fear of contracting the virus. They formed a romantic relationship after several months of being together. Fast forward to the year 2040, the plague is in full swing millions of people have died, including Miller's grandparents. Miller's parents have managed to stay safe and survive within a well established colony not to far from where they had vacationed nearly 50 years ago. Miraculously while residing in the colony they managed to get pregnant with the one and only Miller. After he was born they managed to stay safe for several more years until Miller's parents passed away from old age in 2055 and 2056 Fast forward again to 2071. The colony Miller and his family had lived in had been rebuilding from the great fall that struck several cities in the 60s. The colony had scouting teams that would go out and scavenge the area for wild game and fruit. Miller was apart of one of the teams that went out. One day they went out and discovered a MASSIVE horde of zombies heading straight for the town that the colony is in. The entire community tried to come up with a plan to deter the horde to the south, but they all failed. Miller and few others managed to escape the city and started to head north to a city they had heard about called Nyheim. The journey was treacherous. They traveled for almost 9 months but only a few of the survivors made it within a days travel to the new city they hoped to call home. The last night before the final days travel a group of 20 or so zombies had infiltrated their make shift campsite. The scene was brutal... the last of Miller's friends were gone. Miller packed up what supplies were left and tracked on until he finally reached his destination, Nyheim. And that's where this story continues...
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