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  1. For the first time can clearly hear the voice of Dante *small click then talks* Ok Dante SKS rounds, I am now currently on my way to Rog stay safe and protect the sanctuary over *small click then silence, frequency goes quiet*
  2. *Hears Chatter in a voice similar of Dante* *Small click then starts talking* Hey Dante its me Robert Torreto here in a status report, I am collecting some military loot for the sanctuary, my current location location is vybor military, expect me down at rog any time soon *silence* i hope you receive this message *small click then frequency goes quiet*
  3. *hears chattering in radio* small click then talking : SURVIVORS ? Im on my way to..... (Scans map with wet fingers) ROG Castle, plz do not leave the location, my name is Robert Torreto i dont think i will live this hell one more day alone, im on my way ! small click then silence frequency goes quiet
  4. raazevedo

    87.8 - Survivors Broadcast

    *Hears Radio Chatter while cooking a boar* *Small click then starts to speak* Survivor Camp ? Did i hear that ? What is the location ?? Please i cant stay alone for much longer *Small click again then silence* the frequency goes quiet
  5. raazevedo

    87.8 - Survivors Broadcast

    *tunes in to 87.8* *static* He- Hello, Im Rober....Torreto *static* *small click then talking* Been in this hell for quite while, im here in stary, looking for some intel in a survivor camp that i heard about, any info ?? I Hope it still exists I Still have some faith *small click then silence* The frequency goes quiet.
  6. *Cleans Mouth After Eating some Tactical Bacon* (static)....Im...Rober...Roberto Torreto(static) there was a survivor camp here in Vybor, its gone (static for 30 seconds) The Fuck*ng cannibals,they were dressed all in black, they took all, now im alone im looking for a survivor camp anyone ? can anyone hear me in this frequency ? Im Off for Now.. (static)