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  1. Same thing happened to me a while back, i got reported, did not play on dayzrp for a very long time, admins couldn't find the report for a very long time, maybe it was 2 weeks i waited, and it ends up the guy who reported me just called the report back. He just backed off. Maybe it's the same situation here, i just hope you don't wait as long as i did. Good luck! -USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST-[/ALIGN]
  2. Server and location: S1 , near prison island Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21/7 , around 20:00 Server time Daytime or Night-time: Night-time Your in game name: Nem Sselecaf Names of allies involved: Vatslav Teryic Name/Skin of suspect/s: Ole Bellest Suspects weapon/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: (Gonna keep it simple and short) Me and Vatslav capture Ole about maybe 30 - 60 minutes before the combat log happens. He is our prisoner and we decide to go to prison island with him joining us. We see that the server is about to restart soon so me and my friend decide to wait it out before we start swimming towards the island. Ole keeps using unnecessary OOC chat which got me a bit frustrated, if you see the chat logs you'd see i try to tell him to keep the OOC at a minimum level. The server restarts, we join in ready to continue were we stopped, no sign of Ole anywhere tho. We check the online player list, Ole is nowhere to be found. We wait for about 20-40 minutes, still no sign of Ole. I can see another report thread about Ole going later to the prison island where he did bad roleplay, maybe about 2 hours later.
  3. Accadacca

    S1 - Killing Compliant Hostage/NVFL

    So you have a friend who is a hostage of two armed people, and you immediately get the idea to shoot one of the armed people and you didn't think that the hostage might be endangered for doing such an act? In my eyes that's breaking the value for life rule, not for yours, but for your friends life. Isn't that initiating on a whole group, which gives the other group a right to kill every person alive in the group they are attacked from? Being in that kind of situation it's not just necessary for the hostage to be compliant, but the group of the hostage as well. The reason i stayed outside doing nothing is because i took you for better roleplayers that had this, what i wrote here, in mind. Guess i was wrong, dayzrp hasn't changed, bunch of trigger happy people waiting for a chance and reason to get a kill. In december 2014 i was in a similar situation where the hostages got killed for non compliant group of theirs. Talked with couple of admins on teamspeak for a very long time about how the bandits that have the hostages should be more in control of these kinds of situations, because in reality they have more control. The admins confirmed this theory after a long talk, said change is on the way, hopefully.
  4. Yup, checking the pulse would just ruin the whole thing for me . One more question tho, is there somewhere a list of people with bounties or just get to know them ingame?
  5. Thank you for the answer AndreyQ
  6. So just make instant conclusions that i dont know the rules...How can i play as a bounty hunter?
  7. My question is, can i roleplay as a bounty hunter / hitman . If yes, how?
  8. Oh yeah,i enjoyed the short adventure and that mess(didnt really know what was going on and was very confused) as well. My volume got all messed up so i did that deaf roleplay,it was fun. I didnt know that the vest you dropped off was for me hehe, i was trying to find you to give it back till a minute ago. Thank you Veera!
  9. Yeah i havent seen anybody roleplay a zombie before,hehe i even impressed myself! ^^ Thank you for nice roleplay fellas!
  10. Well i have only this crashing and lag experience on this server,maybe because of persistance?But it is really annoying.
  11. Random restarts,high pings at times,desync issues..Its not me,i have a fast internet,but these last couple of days its really laggy,restarts every 30 minutes and i cant rejoin the server for about 15 minutes..Whats the problem?
  12. Have a look at the role play adventure of the little boy named Acca and his mother who passed away.Watch as he gathers people for the funeral of his mother.Is it a final goodbye,or is it a reunion? It is a rollercoaster of emotions,that is all i can say ! Watch from beggining to end for the full experience. Thank you!
  13. I was inside a truck and went afk for 1-2 minutes,i came back and someone killed me.Is it breaking the rules if you kill a guy who was afk for 1 minute? Thank you!