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  1. Michael was born in a small town out of Nyheim during the outbreak. At the age of 17 Michael and his family had been attacked by bandits who were heavily armed while trying to find food and water, luckily Michael escaped but his parents did not. As he fleed he watched the bandits take his mother and father hostage and execute them. Michael was now all alone in a world full of evil, Michael] knew his parents would want him to survive so he searched for food and water moving from town to town. On his journey he finds two men that help him get to saftey and provide him with food and water, they had taken Michael in where he would then spend the rest of his teenage years learning how to fight and hunt using the skills he was taught by the two men. With many years gone by, Michael was alone again....trying his best to survive in the outbreak while also helping and protecting others as those two men did for him.
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