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  1. Igor was born into a small survival colony. From a young age, he was taught survival skills like hunting, crafting, and building by his father. At the age of 18, his colony was attacked by a group of bandits, ex-military personnel, who killed everyone in the camp. The only reason Igor survived was due to him being out in the wild searching for medicinal herbs that were needed to help with his mothers' fever. When he came back he saw a gruesome sight, all his family and friends, fellow wastelanders, slaughtered. Seeking for the men who did this he found one straggler, a banding that stayed behind to collect all the remaining loot. While trying to sneak up to the man he stepped on a bag of dried fish alerting him. He engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the man where he got his iconic scar from the knife-wielding bandit. After subduing and killing the bandit he collected everything he could and started his new quest to find the men that killed his family. While looking for the men he stumbled upon a small colony of pagan worshippers who accepted him. He spent 5 years with them, following their teachings. This is the place he got his iconic dragon tattoo at. After 5 years he decided to move on tho, his sanity was not the same. From the gruesome loss of his family and friends to the horrible acts the pagan cults did to passer-byes he became more and more crazed and somewhat fanatical. After his long journey, he stumbled upon the city of Nyheim, where he met a group called Tishina and joined them. This is where Igor's story continues.
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