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  1. A Bavarian man from Germany lost his famaly in the Apocalypse, he live in his hometown for 35 Years and need to leave his childhood, because a group of bad guys wanna kill him. because they plan was it to make the whole City they own realm. but one man, his name was Kasper dont agree with this plan and fight back. but it was to many people and he nearly get killed, so he escape from his childhood and he traveld for 5 Jears search for a new Town in Nyheim. he is a nutral person man who can fight, if he need to. he has taken a long journey to find a town like Nyheim on the way he met Robert Steiner when he have a fight with a hord of Zombys so they start a journy where he wanna live and trade for his survive, build a home and meat new People to survive in the Apokalypse. Kasper is good at electronics, because he had a wolf who lost a leg and half of his face in a grenade explosion and was equipped by Kasper with a face and leg prosthesis that kept him alive. Half wolf was half robot This is how Kasper got the nickname Cyberwolf
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