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  1. yeah I don't remember the steam authenticator so that's probably the case. and it's probably for the best, since I've definitely forgotten some of the rules by now. Thanks!
  2. well looking at my acc details it looks like 2014, and i remember playing shortly after that, so probably around then. I'm assuming there might be some sort of expiration dates for people that aren't active?
  3. Hi I made an account a while back and got successfully whitelisted (i think, since i was able to play on the servers) but my old laptop died a while back so i didn't continue playing. I'm just wondering if there's a way to see if I'm currently whitelisted or not, or if I should just go ahead with the process again. if it helps, it still gives me the option to whitelist on the website. Really dumb question, but thanks in advance!
  4. DrInuendo

    Thumper's Do's and Don'ts Guide to DayZ SA

    This seems pretty useful, thanks!