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  1. I was part of the US marshals and I have a lot of skills from the job for survival. I was on of the first to witness the infected when I was helping out at USA Hawaii to try to control the outbreak when it first started there was people running all around scared out of their minds. After a couple of hours we had to pull back because we knew that we cant hold them there was so many of my good friends around me at the time and it was very hard to leave some of them behind when they got bit. Next thing that was on my mind was that I had to check on my wife and son to make sure they was alright so I had to leave the rest of the US marshals. When I got to my house the door was open and it looked like it was forced open so when I went in I saw a lot of blood everyway then I turned in to the kitchen to see a note that has been written and said ' I am so sorry daring me and your son had to run before you got here so we went to the docks to try to get on a boat to go somewhere safe'. So I went to the docks and lucky there was one boat left. Where do I go from here? Which way do they go? Will I ever see them again? In the end I just went towards where my gut was telling me. its been a couple of hours now out at sea I don't see any land and I can feel a storm coming. Next thing I know I was in the middle of a storm and the waves was getting bigger and bigger then my boat goes over and as it does I hit my head quite hard now I find my self waking up on this beach and I loss all my gear on that boat. Where am I? My wife and son could be here But all I know now is that I just got to survive and find shelter.
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