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  1. Klaus Gutenberg was born into a family in ruin. The youngest of 5 children he was thrust into a world ravaged by disease and warfare. Quickly learning to be quick on his feet, taught by his older siblings. His parents died when he was young. He doesn't remember how young but he could barely walk before they were killed in a marauder hit. Taken care of by his eldest brother, he was taught the rules of the world they lived in, his family was brought into a small budding community when he was 5, after years of living in the wasteland and wandering around the hills of Germany taking what risks they could to survive he had a few relative years in peace. Unfortunately he fell in with a bad crowd when he was a young teen. A group of trumped up thugs and wannabe mafiosos called the "Neue Horizonte." New Horizons. Pulled into a life of crime he fell under the wing of an older man named Sebastion Miller. The 'Doctor' of a sorts of New Horizons, quickly learning that his nimble hands were steady enough to pull a bullet from a mans leg as well as slide a knife into someone's ribs before they knew what was happening. Training under Sebastion for years and earning the epithet 'Syk' for all the house calls he made for those in the community, and also his preferred use of silent kills with surgical equipment. While working for the group he quickly realized the path he was on, was not the right one. He was sent out one day to 'Put to bed' someone who was resisting New Horizons rule over the small community he lived in for so long, paying no mind to it he snuck into the home of his target and killed the man where he lied asleep, as he went to examine the target to make sure he was in the right home he realized with mounting horror whose home he was in. His eldest brothers, Norbert Gutenberg. Fleeing the house and going back to the man he thought held the answers Sebastion. However once he spoke with the man he realized, his mentor was not the pillar he believed him to be. Giving him an empty shrug and explaining that it didnt matter that it was his brother, all that mattered was that Neue Horizonte had one less target. Filled with disgust about what he had been doing he quickly packed what little he had, and fled. Setting out to escape his past. Making it about four miles out of town before he broke down in an old abandoned complex staying there for the night. In the morning, just before sunrise he reached a new goal. He would set out to help others, saving lives where he once stained them with blood. Taking no hard lines on "Evil" and "Good" forming no attachments and working his way across the continent, safe house by safe house. Community by community, until he reached a level where he could forgive himself, and return back to his home to fix the problem he helped take root.
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