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  1. Oh, well i haven't tried anything funny, but cheers man! ;D
  2. My whitelist is bugged, simply as that. My STEAMID is not there, nor is my age. but i did fill out the backstory and the "About myself" thing. But when i want to proceed, it doesn't allow me due to the fact that AGE and STEAMID isn't filled. How do i fix this? or do i need a new account now?
  3. Is this still a thing in-game? If so i'd totally search for you guys and join your ranks.
  4. *Would have turned on the radio searching for a frequency hé stumbles upon a broadcast which is the news.* *He'd take out a stick and some other materials to make a fire and sit next to it whilst listening to the radio.* Ok.. lets see what they've got today.. *While listening halfway though he'd change plans and gets settled in gear* It seems it gets even more worse.. i'd better keep moving before others find me, and not the kind ones. *He'd turn off the fire with a bucket of dirty old water pack his radio and move's away from the camping sight*
  5. Hello people! i'm Conrad Fiat, Steam profile Jesus Fiat! c: Real name is of course Ryan Klee, i'm a 18 year old Dutch person But i will really look forward to it Role-play history. I'm someone that is advanced in role-play and its my hobby. I've been role-playing for the past 2 and a half years. *Steam says different but i had many accounts.* I've been super admin around 5 times now so i really know that shit and giggles. And a owner of a UnderhellRP server *From the mod Underhell if you know it, Plus its from Gmod* Sadly i didn't launch into public beta since real life screwed me and my staff. But it was a joy to make it of course! So yeah, prepare your rp butts! General stuffs. I like action horror RTS games and of course role-play. Making YouTube video's about all unique and awesome role-play servers. If you want you can check it out on the left of my picture or wherever it is. its called *Conrad Fiat plays or just Ryan Klee* So yeah, i'm pretty advanced and hope other people are also if not don't worry i still be lovin'!