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  1. Alice Glass you nutter. And to think you'd have eaten me if Ami's group hadn't helped out. Well bloody done.
  2. Tegran7

    Cults and cannibal groups.

    I've caught wind of a man who calls himself 'the maker', from a ex spec ops guy called Tom Smith. Apparently his group reside down in novy sobor. What do you think... Should i check him out?
  3. But i've already introduced myself! This is a genuine cry for help for companionship.
  4. Evening survivors, I've been scouring the wastelands for my wife for days now, i've travelled from elektro to the military base in the north west, to the town further north west, through severograd (via the base there) to chernaya, olsha, svet, novo, and further. I can't find her. Worryingly, i can't find anyone. I could at least find out if ANYONE has seen Betsy. But alas, this barren waste holds no more "life". Am i alone in this apocalyptic world? Is it not just my wife that has vanished? But everyone?!! Is it I who has somehow vanished and am left to wander in this deathly realm alone forever? Have i died? Where am i? I heard voices in my head whispering "this is a full server?! Where the hell is everyone?!" Last night by the campfire i spoke back to the voice in my head. He said, "Ask them where they are. Find out where the hand out, we want to interact with people and play some damn DayZ! Its gonna be fun!!" It terrified me! I can't make sense of it. I need your help!! Much obliged, See you out there? Tegran Duncan Farmer Looking for his wife
  5. Hi, Tegran would like to join your ranks. He is sick of waiting on 'official' groups/police to track down his wife, they have not even been in touch to inform him of how it is going. He has now taken matters into his own hands. He is wondering where would be the best place to meet for recruitment vetting, he is North of Severograd right now trying to find any evidence of his wife's location, maybe she went looking for help at the old military base? It is where he trained when he was doing his National Service in his youth. No joy yet though... If anyone sees her, she is blonde and was last seen wearing a tartan jacket and skirt, with a pink under shirt. Thanks and godspeed. Tegran
  6. Tegran7

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Requesting GUID reset. Confusion between c's and e's. Thanks in advance. Tegran //Terra: GUID´s reset. You can re-enter the correct ones
  7. Hi all, so, erm... I mistakenly thought that some of the 'e's in my GUID were actually 'c's... So understandably am unable to access the DayzRP server online. How do i go about remedying this? Would i have to start a whole new account again? I have no issue with this just want to make sure the Admins don't think i'm up to anything fishy. Any advice would be fantastic!! Need to find that wife of mine... Tegran
  8. Thanks guys. Just awaiting approval now. Will hopefully see you in Chernarus very soon. Anyone seen my wife yet?
  9. Hello all. My name is Tegran and i was a farmer in Chernarus. When my son was eaten i grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and pasted the culprits head to the floor/walls/my clothes. My wife is still out there. I must find her, i feel like i am losing a part of myself everyday. Have you seen her? She is blonde and was wearing a pink jacket with a tartan skirt last time a saw her. Help me find her before i give up hope. Tegran