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  1. so I've tried to get whitelisted twice, but both times it came back with "Your NLR rules aren't specific enough" so what is wrong with this? can anybody tell me? here is my whole application NLR: after you die, you have no recollection of the events leading to your death. I.e. who killed you, why they killed you, that you even died, etc. you can not go back to the place you died for at least two hours. you can not grab your gear under any circumstances (even though that's what it sounds like in your rules page.) you can not tell your friends "I got killed by this many guys at this location" and you can not take revenge on the person or group that killed you. you do keep your friends and the group that you are a part of between deaths. KOS: once they submit to you, you have to make sure they stay alive, that means killing zombies that get close, or by bandaging them and giving them blood bags etc. you can't do anything "suicidal" (ie. resisting 3 bandits when it's only yourself with a pistol) to initiate a hostile action you need to have a reasonable IC reason, otherwise trading or asking for help is better. Backstory: I was a police man from the united states before everything went down. my wife and I were in Chernarus on a trip to see her dieing father who was in the hospital in Cherno due to his failing health and heart problems. due to the large influx of people into the hospital, I asked a man in an Army uniform what was going on, and that I was a police officer. the only thing he said was "how good are you with a gun?" after I told him I had the highest scores in my precinct, he took me with him and told me what was happening. after helping the military with the Zelenegorsk quarantine I was given a few days leave to go find my wife. After arriving back at the hospital I came to hear that her father had died, and that she had left looking for me. after searching for awhile I found out that she went up to Novy with a group of military men. When I arrived at Novy I asked the local military commander if he had seen my wife. he told me that he left her in one of the houses on the east side of town. I went to that building to find it full of refugees, but not my wife. I asked an elderly women if she had seen my wife, and she said that a man with an Irish accent had taken her away. now that was 3 weeks ago, I have not heard of my wife since that day, but I vow that I will find this Irishman and end his life!
  2. Hello, My name is Carlyle Reynolds, I am a police man form Novy Sobor, My wife Emily, and Daughter Sarah were killed when all of this shit went down, and I am trying to find whoever did this to them, and make sure they receive the justice they deserve.