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  1. Any friendly people left?

    No. Put your hands up. jkjk
  2. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    I'll take Belgium. Inside joke.
  3. DayZRP Community Memes

    When someone makes a shit group:
  4. Gentleman


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  5. Gentleman

    Stuck at work all day. Someone keep me entertained. 

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      Wanna hear some bad dad jokes? :D 

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      hm. Go on.

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      O-oh shi... Okay

      Uhm ... 

      Two guys walk into a bar, the third one ducks.

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      Pretty good!

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      Haha, I love bad dad jokes! ;P

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      Is that an implication?

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      A implication ... to what? D:?

  6. Gentleman

    Maybe if I had some diamond rings and nicer things
    And wider cream, and smaller dreams, the simple things
    That would have brought money more quickly
    Maybe then you'd get the picture...


    @G19 for his fire playlist

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      music cred


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      You need any rings hit me up with a PM. 

  7. Anyone still play DayZ mod?

  8. The Embers [Recruiting]

    I'm about people who can do this right. Excited to see you IG.
  9. Statistics - Why They're Important

    So you're saying the statistics may be even worse than they already are after the holiday rush?
  10. Statistics - Why They're Important

    I completely agree, just like some people spend more time on Twitter than actually talking to people at the dinner table. However, this could be changed (potentially) with a rule audit.
  11. Good day fellow community members, In my spare time - unable to sleep because of an overdose of caffeine - I was overlooking and pondering the community as a whole. Something I joined almost four years ago now, with a dwindling image of five active servers, a bustling forum site, and a massive benefit to the DayZ Standalone community at large. Now, starting off a new year, I see a business that is heading towards the black line rather the green one, and I believe a bit of theory could be applied and talked about. Looking at our weekly (used to be daily) statistics that are attached as of 1/6/18, the following conclusions may be made immediately, however more research is preferred: We are still a "growing" community, suggests our numbers, but we are not actually growing in play. Players are joining our community and choosing not to play for some reason Players are joining our community, realizing the amount of low activity they did not expect, and choose to leave for greener pastures Our community is becoming stagnant, even though more players are joining almost daily Allow me to elaborate on these points... 1. According to our stats, the community is growing, as 31 new roleplayers were accepted into our wonderful community in the last week, welcome! However, as of this date, 9 out of these 32 new roleplayers have played on the server in the last 24 hours. The server population has climbed above 45 persons (p) around 2 hours out of the day, and above 40 p for 6 respectively (evidence attached). From the community I remember, players were eager to whitelist, play, and never stop. Now, this was a Friday night going into a Saturday morning; I will conduct more research over the weekend and respond with my findings, but this baffles me. The server has been constant, and there have been no complaints of a long queue since our CDF vs. BPR event, indicating no real player base increase of consistent players at the same time, which would lead to more servers required of the community. This is not good for business, because if you're not gaining enough, you're losing, no matter how marginally. 2. This is more of an open statement. I am not making any particular points regarding this, but I feel it is present nonetheless. These reasons may be countless, and I beg for your opinion on why this is present. I still have the urge to come back and roleplay, and new community members are not transitioning through a "sales pitch" style system in my opinion. A breakdown: An interested roleplayer applies as a prospect, becoming an interested lead the second they decide to apply for the whitelist. After acceptance, they turn into our client, and our clientele is leaving our "business", turning back into prospects or dead leads for some reason... 3. While there is less activity than before, there is more than nothing, but it is the consistency that I do believe is pushing people away from the community. I felt it when I joined back in 2014, but the hype and openness of the community and my personality helped in pushing back against it. New people, everywhere, it was amazing! Cliques are evident, as anywhere in life has them, but there could be a better way of welcoming people to the community, such as an addition to the amazing mentoring program in the terms of a marketing department or PR style area that would focus on welcoming members rather than just replying to their hello thread. These people would assist in getting the member acclimated to the current lore since the original lore wipe, what groups are present, hotspots, etc to get this player immediately into the roleplay we already know and love, but our new-coming friends may be ignorant to. Also, maybe a lore-style faction could be implemented that would not die, focused on bringing in role players to get them acclimated to roleplaying with others, forming IC relationships, and branching off into other groups through this one to better their server playtime and community interaction as a whole. Just ideas, remember. 4. I consider myself somewhat active over the past 2 weeks or so, and right in the middle of the holiday season is a catch 22 when it comes to gaming communities: you either do well or don't, and I think we rode the middle bar staying status quo. I interact with the same people in roleplay, though even attempting to find newcomers, old friends, the like, I come up short. The radio is buzzing with feedback, internal roleplay, and people looking for help, but when calls are answered no one is left on the other end. This is not directed at anything. I simply wanted to report my findings, thoughts, and provide a header for a discussion that will surely follow to improve our already great community. dixeritis.
  12. The King's Men [Strict Recruiting]

    Other than graphics, which I'm sure you're working on, the group looks sound. Good luck and I hope to meet you in-game!
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    This is your profile song. Why isn't it

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      I told him this when I did the name change. I'll revert this shit back if he doesn't *shakes fist*

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      Change it for him Oliv!

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      This will be next, don't want to be a living meme atm

  13. Gentleman

    This is the real me. New year, new name. Let's do this.

    Anyone who has OOC beef talk to me now

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      Who the fuck is you?

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      I'm Gentleman, nice to meet you.

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  14. 105.7 MHz [Open Frequency]

    *Captain Trotski sat down in the Grishino Police Department, quickly plugged in his radio transmitter, ordered security around the building, and began transmitting in a slightly higher tone than normal* "Good Day citizens of South Zagoria, tourists turned residents, and prisoners set free. I bring good news to those looking for protection, hope, and peace. For without any of this, there will be chaos - what is currently present - amongst us all in these dark times. The minister of our region has returned, bringing OREL & COBR elements for not only his personal protection, but yours as well. Return to those who rightfully own this land. Return to those who will provide food, water, electricity in the near future, and protection from hostile forces. And, most importantly, return to society as you knew it a few months ago. Just returning back to my hometown has shown me the undescribable times all have gone through, and I will stop at nothing to bring back peace and safety to my home region. My home, my land, my country. Grishino is the start. And from there will come guaranteed success." *He unplugs his transmitter, sets up his chair at his old desk, straightens his nameplate, and pops a Cuban cigar in his mouth as he looks over the town*