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    Tiny Hands Appreciation Thread

    This dood
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    More comin: 


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    Poetry Thread

    I don't like to bitch about problems, I'd rather write about them... Post your poems below! Double Faced Just One Chance Mindless Wandering Four Minutes A Devil's Angel
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    Why do people have two sides to their faces?

    Thought humans just had one, guess not.

    Work & play, they’re the same for me

    but for some, it splits them into two different people.


    Work, work work, I love it.

    Others, however, dread it until they can retire.

    Try to bring up personal matters? It’s NOT a work thing.

    We spend countless hours with these people, but barely get to know them.


    Why is that?


    I want to get to know you; not the work you, you you.

    You’re an amazing person, I see it all over your personal social media,

    but why live two lives trying to accomplish one?

    1+1 = 2, but one is half of two, and you’re splitting your life in half because of the unwillingness to communicate.

    Stop hiding behind that fake face of yours and open up – about anything - because I would…


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    When she cheats when you're not looking:


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    Dear friends and family gathered here today.. This day today is a hard one for us all. It is so much easier to mourn in silence; it takes away the worry of not being able to get your words out, or even just simply getting the right words out. But silence or not, one thing which I am sure we all appreciate today, is being here all together, sharing in each other's silence, sharing in each other's moments of thought for Louie, who we all loved, as a friend, a loved one, a fellow RP boy. We will all have our own personal and special memories, of the mark he left in our hearts, in our lives and it is very hard for me today to be up here, hearing my own thoughts out loud, trying my best to focus on the happiest times Louie brought us, rather than the fact that he is no longer here with us today as know it. I am certain of two things though. He would have wanted us all to be here today with our happiest thoughts of our times spent together and secondly....he is still here with us, very strongly in spirit. (Name of person) was such a strong person through and through, from character, personality and presence. We are all here because somewhere somehow, we have all been touched by Louie. For me, he will always be with me. What I will remember will always be all those reports, edgy situations, and high quality roleplay. This is what makes him remain with me personally and I am sure that you all have your very own, special and private moments that you will cherish and keep close to your hearts. We were all very lucky to have had him in our lives and as much as he will be missed by us all, he will remain with us all, every day, as long as we can remember. We love and miss you Louie, past, present and future. Thank you.

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      just go towards the light

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      🙏 🙏 🙏

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      Amen :trolle:

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    How to get shot in Russia:


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    Invalid Initiation, Bad RP S1 Svergino

    Banks POV: With G19 and a few others and I hear over IC comms that someone was needing help recovering hostages. I assist, cuff and interrogate the hostages, and then the server started restarting. Asked for perms to log and got them. I helped because my brothers asked me to do the right thing. Nothing else, and no harmful actions were going to be taken hence if the RP continued from me. Not answering anyone other than staff. GLHF.
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    See you soon Jim!
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    Games are games. Life is life. Hoes are hoes across all platforms...

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    Reset the In-Game timeline back to One Day After Breakout.

    Nothing matters at this point. Everybody knows that one way or another it won't fucking matter until .63 at least.