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  1. +1 Honestly should facilitate a CSGO 1v1
  • BanksRP

    The JimRP Experience

    Sucks you can't bean a report like this o7 to you sir
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    o7 my son @N-Tox


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    Create Your Staff Team

    Can I get a +1
  • BanksRP

    Interview With A Community Member: JimRP

    o7 Good shit.
  • Magnus

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    Mars Corp 2.1 when?

    1. BanksRP


      Oh hey bud. When this community dies.

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    *looks over at website*


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    Bring Back Night Time!

  • BanksRP

    Post your battle stations

    I agree!
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    S1: KoS in vybor Mil base 2019-01-28, 00:16

    Banks POV: Walking around VMC with @BanksRP 2 and @Anouk when we come amongst a group of 4 or 5 people. Two have the same facepaint, so I assume they're together. BanksRP2 and @Puncture go talk about something (don't know what) and then they come back. @Puncture initiates from behind a barrack, I knock out a man who was assumed to be his friend (he had his gun out) and then killed Puncture, come back to see the other man still living, I then kill him. I will admit to whoever was wearing a white jacket that whilst I was under stress I may have shot him assuming he was apart of the initiating group because we had walked up on them together. I was then by @Dew
  • “Since I was a teenager I’ve been totally besotted by the love, passion and verve for food, family and life itself that just about all Italian people have, no matter where they’re from or how rich or poor they might be. And that’s what I’m passionate about – good food for everyone, no matter what... But the thing I love most about the Italians is that somehow, although they have some of the best fashion designers and cars in the world, they’ve managed to retain a unique sense of tradition and village spirit.”
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    Bring Teamspeak Back

    - User was warned for this post -
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