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  1. Create the WORST group idea

    Group that roleplays DayZ players and how much their new life is like the game they used to play, and they really wanted the end of the year to come around for the game to get updated.
  2. Ask the admins

    Asking Those Who Hire/Fire Staff: Q1: Why was Chief removed from staff? A1: Have you asked Chief? -Oliv A1: Because he broke community rule 1.2 and I removed him. - Rolle
  3. *Picks up his radio, not surprised* "Don't know why you need any more money, sir. What is positively left of NATO has been evacuated or is now off of their own accord. Best chance is to find the person yourself, kill NATO until it happens, or have a cup of shut the fuck up. Good day." *Drops his radio back into his plate carrier pouch*
  4. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    I can't wait for the accents
  5. The Forsaken

    Seriously good job. Banks may not have left the country after all. See you in-game gentlemen. If you'd like some pre-group lore for historical background, shoot me a PM.
  6. NATO [Open Frequency]

    *Banks rolls out of bed, making sure to not disturb the woman lying next to him. He whispers into the radio with a sarcastic voice* "Oh Godfather, oh Godfather, help me my Godfather, for I have sinned against thee. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. Let's hope the same does not apply for....." *The transmission cuts out, as Banks released his PTT button too early, tossing the radio out the window*
  7. David Banks

    He's humorous, dutiful, daring and perhaps a little too restless. This isn't surprising considering for someone with his position. He was born in a decent family in a large city. He lived free of worries until he was about 16 years old, but at that point, things began to change after the death of his father. He explored the country and was becoming quite desirable. Through hard work, he fulfilled dreams in an ever-changing world. But with his charm and skills, there's nothing to stop him from going beyond expectations. He could quickly become somebody others listened to, without question. After commissioning in the United States Marine Corps, life couldn't get better. A wife, 2 kids, money in the bank, a happy life. Chernarus changed everything.
  8. Big things... Coming...

    1. Magnus


      ya right.

  9. Dirk Russell

  10. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    We're back to pre-lore wipe within 2 months. Great job. Everyone loves Banks (jk). Most groups are PVPers and gear-rpers.
  11. To COMCFOR (Secure)

    *PTT* 'Roger that, Spartan Actual Out' *Banks would release his transmitter, quickly grabbing his rifle, shooting a few people with bags over their heads, and mounts up*
  12. F**k this.