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"I want to be remembered for my poop jokes..."

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  1. Banks

    Bring Teamspeak Back

    - User was warned for this post -
  2. Banks



  3. Banks

    NATO [Open Recruitment]

    Archive for now life is more important.
  4. Banks

    NATO [Open Recruitment]

    Working on it! Welcome @Nelson and my son @BanksRP 2
  5. Banks

    DayZRP Official Nonofficial Roast?

    Yesss. All the way up in NEW JURSY I've got a few for you
  6. Banks


    When you find out she's down with multiple dudes: 


  7. Banks

    The Kirby Council

    This shit is awesome. Taking applicants for new council? Also, Banks has been decided as the REAL Banks. Thank you for your deliberation earlier <3
  8. Banks

    DayZRP Official Nonofficial Roast?

  9. Banks

    The Kirby Council

    @ Kirby Council. Who's the real Banks?
  10. Banks


    Now taking applications for Clout 9.5.


    1. Anouk



  11. Banks

    Howdy Do-dy Fellow Roleplayers

    My name is Banks, formally and soon to be known again as BanksRP. OH NO, you say, he's an RP boi, therefore he is bad. This, however, is not in the slightest true. My new son, @BanksRP 2 and I will be roleplaying together and we hope to see you in-game soon! Much love
  12. Banks


    Welcome my son @BanksRP 2

    1. Banks


      Now hopefully when I get reported, you'll get called, not me

    2. Anouk


      This is a sad meme.

    3. Banks


      We birthed him how is it a sad meme?


    4. Good Fella

      Good Fella

      I approve of this meme.

      I approve of this meme.

  13. Banks

    Where the nails when you need them lol

    We should get a banner for most FAQ and put it ontop of website tbh
  14. Banks

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Rest In Peace Awesome roleplayer and a great man.
  15. Banks

    Leaders of UN and NATO

    *PTT* "If you want to meet, get your secretary off the horn and give me the meeting agenda over the radio" *PTT and finishes a bottle of brandy*