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  1. Mars Corp, we'll see you at the top...

  2. The Pub is hiring (Open freq.)

    *Prometheus picks up his transmitter, interested* "Rory, my name is Prometheus. I work for Mars Corporation. If you're ever in need of security personnel, please let me know. Thank you." *He releases his PTT*
  3. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    Just based off your radio post. That's IC.
  4. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    Thanks man. I'm always looking for more people. Hit me up.
  5. Hello yall!

    Good luck with your appeal. Hope to see you IG soon!
  6. Hello

  7. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    Thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback! Thread has been updated and after a few applicants, we're looking good. There's always room for more! Apply today.
  8. Restoring Chernarus [OPEN]

    *Prometheus picks up his office radio* “Mr. Sirkov, if there is anything Mars Corporation can do for you, please let me know. Best of luck in your adventures. *Prometheus releases the radio and continues a sale*
  9. *Mathews picks up his handset from the office radio and transmits in a professional sounding matter* "Good Day. My name is Prometheus, detachment leader of Mars Corporation here in Chernaurs. For more than two decades, Mars Corporation has provided tailored security, risk management, and business solutions in complex and high-threat environments. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Mars is the largest privately owned business solutions and security services company in the world. We have an established infrastructure and operational footprint spanning 28 countries. We employ more than 62,000 professionals in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our Mission is to protect and support clients, securing their place in a complex world by consistently delivering quality services and value, while growing our business profitably. This mission has carried through since our founding in 1991. Allow us to help you with our services since this catastrophe has occurred in the beautiful country of Chernarus. Our storefront is on the eastern side of the Balota Airfield where weapons, ammunition, food, and water will be sold WITH compliance to the Russiand and Chernarus military forces in the country. For employment, please inquire within. God bless you, and God please save Chernarus." *The message repeats on the hour for every hour*
  10. Peter Mathews

    "I’m only going to do a year." That’s what I told myself, my girlfriend and my daughter back in 2008. A lot of us said it, and most of us meant it, but very few of us actually did it. We heard about this thing called LOGCAP from our friends, or on the news or while serving our country, civilians working alongside the military right smack dab in the middle of the war zone. Dreams were born out of the tales of big paychecks and world travel. Plans were drawn up on kitchen tables and globes were brought out in front of tiny teary eyes to show our kids where we were going. We told our families that we were making a better life for everyone involved and that the time would fly by. We told them that we’d be back before they even knew we were gone. The first year came to an end much faster than we imagined and we didn’t have near the money saved that we thought we would. But we did have “things." Some of us had new cars in the driveway back home. Some of our girlfriends turned into fiancés with new diamond rings. Houses were bought. The conversations were revisited and discussions were conducted regarding the potential for savings in the following year. And that’s when “I’m only going to do two years” was born. The second year came and went like the turning of a page. We had a little more in savings because we bought most of the “things” the first year. We discovered that being overseas opened doors to new worlds that were previously out of reach. It was cheaper and faster to travel from the Middle East to places in Europe and Asia than it was from the States. "I’m just going over there for 10 days to get away from this base for a while and save money and recharge my batteries. I’ll come home on my next R&R.” We justified our solo travels with cost savings, tax implications, and sanity control. Eventually, we put the plans to resign on hold until we found out if our company won the new bid. After all, we wouldn’t want to miss out on a potential pay raise that could really put us over the top. And that’s when “Just one more year I promise” came into this world. I wrote this while sitting in terminal 3 at the Airport in Dubai. I had just met a kid named Zach on his way to Afghanistan. He showed me a picture of his wife and newborn son. Although Zach wouldn’t admit it, he was nervous and scared. I saw it in his eyes, by the way, he watched the people from that part of the world and because the picture was shaking so bad he had to hold it with both hands. He said it was his first time contracting and his first time overseas, not that his American flag t-shirt and dirty cowboy hat hadn’t given that away. He asked me where I was going and I told him, home. I said six years was long enough. He said he was only going to do a year. I just smiled. When it was time for us to part ways I laid it out for him. “Lose the t-shirt and the hat. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. When you get to your base, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. Have taxes taken out and go home on your first R&R.” I shook his hand and looked him in the eye. “And Zach, a year from now, when you’re on Skype and you see that look in your wife’s eye followed by the words, please come home…GO!” He stood there frozen, not uttering a word as he watched the movie play out in his head. When I got to the gate I looked back one last time. Zach was gone but there was a Middle Eastern boy wearing a cowboy hat that was ten sizes too big. I smiled again. I’m home now. My fiancé is merely a friend. She almost made it the full six years I was gone. I put that woman through hell under the guise of financial freedom and a better life. Somewhere along the line, I forgot about the living part. While I was gone life moved on without me. My little girl that sat on my shoulders while we watched cartoons, now wears makeup and blue streaks in her hair. While I was chasing that paycheck and learning to scuba dive she was chasing boys and learning how to drive. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my time overseas. I became a better person because of those experiences, both good and bad. You can’t do what we did for as long as we did it and come out the other side unchanged. A good friend once told me, “It doesn’t matter how you explain to people what it was like for us. The only people that will understand it, is us." Someone asked me just yesterday if I would ever do it again. I just smiled. With the amount of money from Mars, I would never turn it down.
  11. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    Thank you Beni. I've uploaded some pictures to surround out thread. Gonna work out custom ones for the future.
  12. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    Will do! Appreciate the recommendation!
  13. Company Song For more than two decades, Mars Corporation has provided tailored security, risk management, and business solutions in complex and high-threat environments. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Mars is the largest privately owned business solutions and security services company in the world. We have an established infrastructure and operational footprint spanning 28 countries. We employ more than 62,000 professionals in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our Mission is to protect and support clients, securing their place in a complex world by consistently delivering quality services and value, while growing our business profitably. This mission has carried through since our founding in 1991. In late April 2017, The U.S. Embassy in Miroslavl developed a need for security personnel at the U.S. Consul Office in Chernogorsk in response to political uprisings and increasing tensions in the area. After securing the contract, Mars Corporation sent out its B level team and created its Chernarus detachment. This team consists of ex-military, police, and skilled contractors to provide (initially) security and convoy protection for the Consul while he interacted with civilians in Chernogorsk surrounding these events. After the declaration of martial law by the Chernarus Defense Forces on May 3rd, 2017, Chernarus detachment leader Prometheus ordered an immediate lockdown of Consul James Clark until clear communications could be established with the U.S. Embassy to determine further actions. Immediately, Prometheus wanted to move the Consul out of the office, but Clark persisted he stayed to keep citizens informed and mentally sane; this would come back to hurt all of them in the long run. In the midst of May, B team developed knowledge about some infection spreading from a base towards the northern section of Chernarus nearing the Russian border. Furthermore, civilians were rioting in the streets all while American citizens attempt to leave the country via the ports of Chernogorsk and Balota, only to be denied entry unless they could present an immediate need or proper military identification to depart. This not only aggravated Consul Clark, but Mars employees connected the dots and assumed they were going to get trapped in the country if they did not act swiftly. Nearing the end of May, Prometheus pleaded with the Consul to allow Mars to transport him to a safer location, as the rioting and looting got worse, CDF checkpoints were being overrun, and they wanted no parts of any of it. With Clark’s approval, Mars Chernarus moved out of Chernogorsk to the town of Balota. The reasoning behind this was the talk of a CDF base there, along with enough resources and materials to supply the detachment for a short time until radio communication could be established; there was also the opportunity to fast track back to the U.S. Embassy in the act of immediate danger. Short wave communications were unusable since PRC-152 batteries were running out, and no electricity was available to recharge them (the interpreter hired by Mars disappeared when the riots started occurring. No Chernarussian was understood by the American team.) On July 11th, B team awoke to find no Consul Clark in his bunk. Following this event, all hell broke loose according to CDF, and Mars Corp’s Chernarus division was seemingly alone until further radio communication could be established to update higher ups. After 1 week of searching the town for Consul Clark, Prometheus made a decision to search for him in the residential districts of Chernogorsk, finding a United Nations detachment of about 100 in Chapaevsk. After speaking with them and assisting them in security operations, the decision was made that while on the search for the Consul the Mars Corp Chernarus detachment would perform their services to other clients willing to make the company reputation more noted in the country of Chernarus while upholding company values. Their contract expired on August 15th, 2017, giving them the leeway of not working for the Consul and having to search for him, but after the bond the team members made they kept it as an underlying goal. Services Provided: Mobile Security - Our qualified, trained and experienced mobile security teams enable our clients to move safely and securely in high-risk, uncertain, and hostile environments. Our vehicles and crews are configured to meet the client’s requirements, within the context of the operating environment. We provide our clients with ground study and route analysis for all movements, contingency planning and ‘first line’ medical support in the event of an incident. Static Security - We recognize the challenges of providing a secure working environment – particularly when a client’s work sites are geographically dispersed. We use a variety of positions, including Shift Supervisor, Entry Control Point (ECP) Guards, Watchtower Guards and an Interpreter, to guard our client's’ work site. Our security solutions are based on a comprehensive analysis of the requirement and may integrate static, mobile and technological security elements. This analysis informs the design and implementation of appropriate and bespoke security solutions. Such solutions are routinely reviewed to ensure continual improvement in line with an often rapidly changing security environment. Convoy Protection - Mars delivers security for cargo being transported between locations and general movement management. We provide all equipment and services to support the specific requirement of the client. Pathfinding Service - Mars pathfinding services help companies to do business in the challenging and emerging markets. Our knowledge and experience mean that we are well-placed to provide the support and advice necessary to reach informed business decisions and to provide risk mitigation strategies to support commercial success. Fugitive Recovery - Fugitives are tricky to find. An agent must be determined and confident in order to track and arrest armed and dangerous fugitives who are willing to do anything to resist arrest. When a recovery agent takes a contract to find a fugitive, they are given the fugitive’s personal information and the ability to trace phone records and license plates. The agent can visit the fugitive’s hangouts, friends, family, associates, and neighborhood to get information. Property Recovery - If something is stolen from you with proper evidence, Mars will send agents to find the captor and do our absolute best to retrieve your items for the right price. Training - Our practical, hands-on approach to training is enhanced by years of experience in government, military, police and the corporate risk management industry. Our courses are supported by a robust Training Needs Analysis process to ensure that the training is relevant and, more importantly, related to the environment in which those being trained operate. Security Consulting - Companies can minimize the risk to their property and employees by ensuring that tested risk mitigation policies, processes, and procedures are in place. Mars has developed a range of integrated and bespoke consultancy tools that support detection and deterrence measures, and enable our clients to safely conduct their business activities. Unsure if we offer a service? Ask. Trusted & Repeat clients will be offered more services than those listed. IC Keep company employees alive and return them home to their families Employ candidates for lost spots. Set Up an office to operate from in Chernarus (Balota) Establish business partnerships with those who will keep their end of the deal Provide our services to the paying clients of Chernarus Find Consul Clark OOC Provide good RP to DayZRP Create friendly group RP and build each other's character stories Run a successful group Provide professional security like role play Client (Friendly) TBD Prospect (Neutral) Everyone Competition (Enemy) Blackwater PMC Upper Management Peter Mathews - Prometheus - Detachment Leader / B Team Leader Employees Fred Dimock - Mithras - B Team Member Phoebe Nesterov - Aphrodite - B Team Member Jack Castle - Venator - B Team Member Xavier Pak - Spartan - B Team Member Alexander Solonik - Wanderer - B Team Member Nikolai Trenkov - Niko - B Team Member Jackson Hues - Jupiter- Recovery Agent Jordan Rainey - Jasper - Logistics Specialist Ivan Petrenkov - Donnie - Logistics Specialist Grisha Anatolyevich - Machine - Logistics Specialist Send your application to @Banks OOC Requirements: 18+ (waiver available) Mature Milsim/Military/Police experience preferred Willingness to learn Ability to listen and take orders/give them when necessary Positions Available: B Team Member - While their mission statement is unclear, B Team Members are not as good as the A list, but sure do come close. The B Team was initially sent out to Chernarus for the protection of Consul James Clark, but after events occurring they are always looking for elite operators to fill their ranks. The most serious and secretive members of the group belong to this team. Logistics Specialist - Excellent at their craft, Logistic Specialists will be performing supply runs to obtain the materials needed to run Mars in Chernarus and keep men fed, hydrated, and full of ammunition at all times. Recovery Agent - Usually a retired police officer or bounty hunter, RA's will perform Fugutive and Property Recovery services for clients. Security Specialist - As it says. Security Specialists do their job well and keep those paying safe at all costs. App: OOC Age: Timezone/Location: What position are you applying for? Character page (has to contain a story, no WIP): Previous groups (new/old lore): DayZ & RP experience: Why do you want to join us?: When was the company founded?: SIDE NOTE: Diplomacy graphic is in the works. HUGE Shoutout to @Clumsy for the logo modification and forum graphics!