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  1. lol thanks man i really appreciate your response, currently I've been vey busy but me and my partner will definitely consider that. -MtnGoat _________________________________________________________ Anyways, might wanna add some "sparkle" to the thread thank you man your responding I'm currently working on it with my partner -Mtngoat
  2. Founded after the Second World War, the United States required a private security force that could perform Special Operations without the need for boots on the ground as well as political tension in the Cold War. They were also sent in to investigate possible Weapons of Mass Destruction and Biochemical Warfare. The 33rd Joint Expeditionary Task Force is made up of veterans from Canada to the United States. Many who have seen action in multiple tours of duty in Takistan. Recently, the 33rd JETF was hired by the Russian Federation to investigate a possible Biochemical Outbreak in Chernarus as the United Nations Peacekeepers and the Cherno-Russian Defence Force has gone off the grid. Due to the increase in gangs and bandits that roam Chernarus and over the many years of fighting, many members of the 33rd JETF have perished in firefights, helicopter crashes, and supplies are very low. Due to this, the group is very selective but very willing to consider anyone. Requirements - A weapon - At least some food - Any kinds of ammunition - Military Experience (//send backstory) - (//At least in started or finished High School) *Wanted Positions - We are very open to hiring acceptable Marksmen and Snipers. You will be evaluated if you apply for this position. However you need to bring your own rifle, one will not be provided to you[if not, we are still very open and you may still keep your rifle no matter what] - We are also very open to hiring navigators or people who are extremely knowledgeable of the land and resources. You will be evaluated if you apply for this position as well [once again, if not we are still very open. Certain skills appeal to us] -We recently lost our interrogator to sniper fire, this is not a mandatory position but we are very accepting to people who are willing to: >Beat and maim any suspects known to have knowledge of bandits or hostile camps >Be willing to get dirty >You have to be a psychotic motherfucker We do not discriminate based on race or gender. Only if you are an asshole or not. Group Members Sgt. Major, James Crawford- A retired veteran from the United States Marine Corp, was separated from his unit due to a bandit ambush. He was the only one left, as far as he knows, to have survived. Captain, Tyrus Weston- A retired veteran from the Canadian Fusiliers. Met James Crawford while fighting the insurgency in Takistan. Got stranded from his unit in Vybor when his platoon was overrun. Chase Mccurfy - A retired pilot who served in Takistan was spending a vacation on Chernarus with his family until he found himself in the middle of an outbreak. His family was killed and he was separated from the US Marine rescuers when they were ambushed by bandits. Registration- apply here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/33rdJEF