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  1. Okay ... then i'll guess i will try my best to be whitelisted again .. wish me luck and thank you for your answers
  2. Hey everyone ... i hope this is the right forum page to ask about this but .. i joined dayzRP about 2 years ago and i got whitelisted on dayZ sa rp ... now i wanna come back to it and i tho im still whitelisted but turns out im not (or im doing something wrong) so i wonder if im supposed to go thro the whitelist process again or is there something else i need to do?
  3. I don't think it will help much but there are/were some kosers about an hour ago near elektro in dayZrp SA eu server
  4. Not sure what's up but it seems there's been a lot of Kosing today ...me and my friend played today and we ran into like 4-5 kosers Didnt get any names but it was something like this "me enters building" : hi "Kos Guy": hi *shoots* "me" : ded if anyone finds em ...give em a good lesson please :* edit : forgot to mention it was on the dayZrp SA EU server
  5. cant find it ...if i try to join the server thro gametracker dayZ just crashed ...if i search with remote for the ip ...it finds some bureau of dayZ server ...any way of you joining the Eu one?... is the US server name - the federal bureau of chernarus?...cause the ip Shows so O_o These are our current SA servers and their IP's/ports the Us ip points me to some bureau dayZ server with 4 people on it...if i try to join thro gametracker the game just crashes ..any idea? never mind i found it ...i had different ports , sorry
  6. is the US server name - the federal bureau of chernarus?...cause the ip Shows so O_o
  7. soo i cannot make it anywhere ..im dying of starvation ...im near the broken ship thats by the sea Edit : im by the train tracks
  8. im on the EU one but i'll get to the US one
  9. can you get to black lake?...i dont think im gonna be able to run to olsha
  10. it can but better to hunt some animals if you have that i am in berezino atm ...i found a rifle and hid inside a building after a rough fight with zombies ...been running really low on food since could you tell me whereabouts are you?
  11. yeah i noticed that ponds arent working can a machete open cans?...if yes ...well then i think i just killed myself ...
  12. soo...today i started playing this glorious dayZ rp thing I dont know if its just my problem or everyones but it seems that on dayZ SA its really hard to survive because food / drinks are more rare than smersh vest I normally dont have this problem when playing on normal dayZ SA servers ... Its just bothers me cause i wanted to go more up north hoping to find some food there but i always starve or die of dehydratation before i can get anywhere ...the main cities are mostly empty and in villages its mostly just books or melee weapons ...food is nowhere to be found ;_; #giveusfood :C
  13. Happened to me also ...you just gotta embrace it m8
  14. I just got whitelisted ...Iam REALLY excited to finally get ingame and have some good rp experiences ^^ can't wait to meet you all ingame!