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  1. Evie was born in Sweden as the only child to Mr and Mrs Winters, a young set of parents who both were very good hunters. Evie learned very early on how to handle a rifle and helped her parents to hunt for food, both for themselves and for people in their village they were living in. Helping others was always a main priority in their family, Evie learned from her parents how to be humble, grateful and kind, but also how to stand up for herself. The years went by, Evie got older and the villagers who stayed in the houses around them, either moved out or passed away. The village became a ghost village, and defending themselves from the infected got harder since soon enough there was only Evie and her parents left to do so. Her parents got desperate to seek a safe spot for them to settle down at, and find people to help them survive. Every day, Evie and her parents tried to come up with some sort of plan, but the resources started to get low, the animals had ventured on and food got harder to find. Until one day, when a broadcast on the radio was heard, just by chance from scanning through it to find anyone or anything to help them. Apparently someone on the radio was talking about a safe area in Nyheim, Norway who were welcoming people to come and settle down with them. This was great news for the Winters family, but there was an issue. The supplies they had left were not going to last for all three of them to travel over to Norway. Evie’s parents knew about this, but didn’t tell Evie, and as they began their journey to Nyheim. Evie never noticed during the journey, how her parents were holding themselves off from eating and drinking, just so Evie could have enough energy and nutritions to keep going. Until one day, almost halfway there, her mother collapsed out of exhaustion and dehydration. His life could not be saved, and after a brief funeral at the foot of a mountain, Evie and her mother continued on with the journey. Dedicated to getting to the safe area in Nyheim. A few days went by, before Evie’s mother collapsed as well. Weak, dehydrated and starving. Evie was devastated, but her mother’s last words insisted on her to keep on going, get to Nyheim, get safe and survive. Which she did, Evie continued the journey to Nyheim. Alone, cold, tired and broken. With only one goal in mind, to survive.
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