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  1. The names Crowe Winchester, I fought the good fight in my homeland taking it to these mumbling monsters with an insatiable appetite for the living for as long as i possibly could with the resistance after the slaying of my family on our homestead by these mindless things! I and my fraternal twin brother Colt Winchester went on a hunting trip as a reuniting of my return home from the foremost front of keeping these things at bay which was an utter failure and tragic loss of lives. Upon our early return due to finding diddly squat in our otherwise game filled lands of North Dakota we witnessed the harsh brutality of what these hordes can really do as we sat on the wood line with only a few rounds and no hope in sight for our family members survival we started our journey to the east coast to a place called governors island high port as our parents told us of land called Nyheim that had towns on towns of survivors with walls to keep these monsters out and a sustainable system for its people. After paying for their transportation to this land they have only dreamed of from stories their beloved parents told them about their journey was on its way! All was well and they even made new friends along this trip stuck on this vessel which seemed a questionable floatation device to say the least but seaworthy at bare minimum. They were due to dock in a few hours’ time and at the time of the suns rising over the land which meant they would have a full day of meeting the people of the land before nightfall... Or so it seemed... just as they were getting their luggage squared away they heard a voice over the PA speaker telling everyone to prepare for impact!!! Crowe turned to his brother Colt and they both knew they had to get above deck to know what was in store for them and the vessel they were aboard. As they made their way to the deck and out the door the ship suddenly gained an extreme slant and the world seemed to start to roll. they both knew what this was a rogue wave had formed and hit their boat! Crowes last known memory of his brother was fighting to survive this accident at sea before he woke up on a sandy beach in an unknown to him at the time land. As he regained his bearings and picked himself up off the shoreline, he began searching for his brother Colt.
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