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  1. It's not about what your age WILL be, it's about what it is now. Send in another application when you turn 16.
  2. Mori

    Map for Life server

    I still think you under estimate the urge for a proper Life RP server, Arma3Life isn't even close to what we have, I would say that NO server has the proper RP we have. Also, this map is brilliant and it doesn't feel so far away from Chernarus, like I said, the devs have endless possibilities to make it our own map since it's not finished. You could even take the map and do Epoch RP, that would make it different enough, there isn't that many great maps for RP in my opinion, the closest is Taviana but it's too big, so why not use a great map that is still somewhat rare? Thing is that no server always has proper RP, not even this. Yes it's true that we have a more enjoyable and professional way of doing RP but it isn't perfect. I do also have to agree with you on that this map is perfect!