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  1. Zouk grew up in the Magnolia District of New Orleans. As a child he was exposed to poverty, crime, drugs and murder. He had to be tough just to survive. He was a gifted athlete from a young age, excelling in baseball an d basketball. Due to a natural hurricane, Zouk and his family were displaced in 2005. Zouk's family relocated a bit more north, in central Louisiana. Attending college with an athletic scholarship, he got into a bit of trouble alongside a couple of his friends. Zouk found his first adult charge of possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. Over the next year, his charges were lessened, but Zouk dropped out of school to chase the quick cash of dealing drugs. This life led Zouk to become a bit more distant, losing contact with many of the people he used to keep close. He developed paranoia due to his activities. And then the apocalypse happened. Zouk has since heard from any of his friends or family. Zouk has spent much time roaming. He's a man of honor and understands right from wrong. He's joined a few settlements that were either over ran by bandits, or the dead. He's now running on his natural instincts, survival.
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