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  1. Arthur has always been one to be quiet. He found that in his youth being quiet kept him from getting in trouble and that the less that one talks the more that they can find out about others who just want to talk and that if you don't talk it's harder to get caught for anything that you may have done. Raised on pickpocketing and petty crime Arthur prefers to be left alone and tries to avoid social interactions unless they are needed to steal something when the other people are busy and distracted. Arthur would rather avoid interactions with people in the new world that he has become a member of trying to survive and collect food and supplies along his journey to hunt and build himself a small private safe home deep within the woods of the area that he is within. He understands that during these dark times that everyone is out for survival and that he may run into other travelers during his journey but his goal is to avoid negative interactions and confrontations where possible.
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