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  1. Alexei was born close to Altai Krai, naturally growing into a bright young man with his dad being a huge role model for him. Early in his life he was stubborn only doing what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it, but later found that helping people made him feel good. his family being hunters and farmers he learned how to live off the land. This experience made him a very effective shot with many firearms and was capable hunter himself. This experiance gave Alex a edge when it came to food and when someone needed some he had more then enough to share. One of the first people Alex would end up helping was a boy by the name of Damir. Damir While a stranger at first became a brother to Alex and became inseparable. Alex and his family found that Damir's father was very abusive and there was nothing they could do. Knowing this, Alex felt reponsible for him and that being there for him was going to be his number one goal in life. With there families having similar skill sets and them gaining those skills, they were a good team. Alex always had it easy and he never found life to be hard, until Damir killed his own father. Alex being the only one to know and witness this event, and they went on the run. Life would never be the same for two of them and they had no idea how much life was ready to kick life up too 11, going to Nyheim arriving there in the year 2065.
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