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  1. Damir was born somewhere near Altai Krai. His parents were part of a nomadic group who was traveling the southern border of Russia. They had no end goal in mind the only plan was to walk West. They were a peaceful group who always avoided fighting. They kept to themselves and only took what they needed to survive. Avoiding major towns because with settlements came conflict hunting and farming whenever they were in one place long enough was the groups means of survival. Damir learned how to live this lifestyle from his father who was a hotheaded man who believed in tough love. Damir never spoke with his mother because she didn't speak unless spoken to. Damir's father was very abusive to his wife and child. His justification was that if his instructions weren't followed exactly people would die. Damir never bat an eyelash at the abuse it was all he knew and besides that life was easy. Once Damir was 19 he started to really form his own opinions and really speak his mind to his father. This caused great tension between the two to the point where Damir haad enough. He planned to leave the group and go his own way and live his own life he did not understand his fathers abusive ways and wanted to be different. Damir began his preparations to leave in silence without notice from the group. He did not want to cause a scene. One night he had one to many beatings from his father and stabbed him repeatedly with a screwdriver until he was dead and then some more. All the years of abuse and bottled up silence had finally escaped and he felt no remorse. Damir did not respect his father he only tolerated him to learn how to survive so he could one day leave. Damir's childhood friend Alexei Volkov was the only one who saw Damir kill his father. Damir and Alexei left that night without a word they walked in silence for miles for they were unsure of what was to come. Years pass and the two boys are inseparable. They know everything about each other and work well as a team. They still for the most part avoided conflict and violence but they knew how to live off the land. Hunting and gathering was in their nature its how they have lived their entire lives. They interacted with very few people on their own journey West, but heard of rumors of a settlement called Nyheim. Wandering was not a lifestyle either of them wanted to do for the rest of their lives they wanted to settle and have a place to call home. They traveled with their sights set on the settlement of Nyheim. in 2065 they finally arrived completely new to the area they proceeded with caution in this new chapter of their lives unaware of what was to come.
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