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  1. Igor is an absolute menace to society. He doesn’t really give a shit about anyone around him and has no sense of when he’s gone too far, which is why he’s never really had friends. This is the best way anyone who has ever met Igor would describe him. He was born into Nyheim twenty years ago, and ever since realizing what he was born into, he has been on an absolute hell path. He drives fast down the Nyheim roads, plays target practice with people’s windows, robs people for fun, and LOVES to fistfight (even if he always loses…). Sadly, when Igor was 15 his mother died, which caused his father to abandon him. This could be what some consider to be his true turning. He always looked up to the “big guys” like Sobaki, V-K, Rangers, etc. because to him, they were like apocalypse superheroes. He’d watch from a distance as V-K and Sobaki would gun each other down in the streets of Nyheim, or in the forests to the South. He loved how free they were, doing what they wanted when they wanted, how they wanted. But this is what earned Igor his nickname. As mentioned before, he liked to rob people for fun which ended up getting him shot when he was 18. Ever since that day, he earned the alias of “Idiot”. As for what he’s up to nowadays? Who the hell knows? I guess that’s for you to find out.
  2. A stereotypical all-American cowboy, Tucker was born on a farm in the southern safe zones of the United States, his mother Theresa raised him to grow crops, harvest, and gather on the daily, meanwhile, his father taught him to hunt for his own food since its scarce in these dark times. Tucker was raised an only child and didn’t have many friends since he was hardly in his zones school due to him always being outside the walls hunting. Late into Tucker’s teen years, his safe zone fell to the infected and he had to watch his family be torn apart. This sight would go on to haunt Tucker, causing him nightmares and visions of what he saw that day. After years on the road alone, Tucker eventually found a rag-tag group of survivors who were determined to reach a faraway place that is said to still have groups and gangs known as “Nyheim”. Among the group was a former psychologist who diagnosed Tucker as bipolar and said he should work on containing it, without much success. Along the road, Tucker and his crew ran into a few problems here and there, where he earned the nickname “Tails” after his semi-psychotic ideals that if any did him wrong he’d flip a coin to decide their fate, Heads they live, Tails they die. Once Tucker and his crew managed to reach Nyheim, they didn’t last long together. Some died, some left, and some went missing, but since then Tucker has been alone once again, wandering Nyheim looking for somewhere to settle…
  3. Mikey Jin is a 23-year-old male, born in a small town in New Orleans. He was raised by his two Korean parents along with his younger brother. He was a straight A's student and had hopes of becoming a surgeon before the apocalypse hit. Mikey was one of the many unfortunate people who were away from home for schooling during day zero, and ever since he's been unable to find or contact any of his family. That is his goal in the new world, to find the truth about what happened to his family. Many would describe Mikey as a good guy, but if anyone, or anything tries to stop him from reaching his goal, that may change.
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