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  1. No I understand that, it definitely wasn't a "bribe" for me to close the report. I waited until the timer was up, made my way to the city where I met his character. They then explained what had happened and why they thought I was one of the hostile people. We RP'd it out, I inquired to him if any of my gear was salvageable. To which none really was, we talked it out and it really was just a huge misunderstanding. I do respect that he 100% owned up to it, not many people in today's world that have the maturity to do so. Like I told charcoal, I wasn't mad but upset. I'm all for trying to talk things out and see what went wrong, correct it and move on. I'm not here to get people banned, but to have an enjoyable experience (to which I've had plenty so far) and further other peoples stories. At the end of the day, I'm happy, the parties involved are happy and nothing nefarious was employed to gain cooperation. I'm good with closing this report and will take that into further issues should they occur.
  2. I'm good with that, didn't know your name. Otherwise I would've talked it out with you first, I'm good with ending the report here.
  3. Server/Location: Dayzrp Nyheim. Outside of the city on the west entrance. Date/Time: 2021-09-15 04:25-04:35 In-game name: Chris Konya Allies: None Suspects: No idea, orange armband people. Vehicles: None Evidence: None, as I wasn't recording as I had only just ran there. I stood on the green car cause I saw someone on the wall, next thing I know. I get shot unconscious, when i wake up, i ran to a red building. Where people in orange armbands ran up the stairs and shot me dead.
  4. Chris was born and raised into a small family, only having three other siblings and his two parents. He is the oldest of the four, with two younger brothers and a younger sister. Chris grew up always being the role model for them. His parents instilling it into his core, that it was his duty as the oldest to protect them no matter what. At a young age Chris found a natural affinity to the call to serve, as the new breed began to embrace the old ways of war. He sought to protect his family, to protect his group. It didn't take long for him to be given a gun and trained from an early age, this was their new way of life. As the years drew longer, Chris and his group continued to survive. Though they had lost their home and many of their members during the war, they kept on going. From a group of over a few hundred, not only a few dozen remained. Many of which being women and children, the soldiers of the group being walking wounded helped them escape as their comrades fought to the last to ensure their survival. At this point, Chris was reaching his 23rd year of life. They had received news of a supposed "utopia" where they could survive, the group was frantic to find it. Even enduring a forced march to reach it, many more lives were lost along the way. From roaming infected and murderous bandits. But they had finally reached the fabled city, finding it to be what they had hoped for. Only a dozen remained of his group, but Chris had ensured his goal. Protecting his family, even if his parents were no longer around to see it first hand, he knew they'd be proud of him. With their safety guaranteed, Chris made quick work to help in the rebuilding process. It is here now, where Chris finds himself at a new line within his story. Not knowing what future perils ensue, he can only hope that he can continue to survive and protect his family. Whatever the cost.
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