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  1. Born in Amsterdam, Kidd had grown up in a colony of survivors under the guise of his father. In his early childhood, it was engrained to him that all members of the group were to have a roll, which his father was a field medic for the security team; tasked to heal survivors coming back from scavenging, and joining rescue operations for groups that had gone missing. Kidd took up after his Uncle however, in learning how to properly hunt and track animals as well as old miltary interrogation tactics and survival skills. By the age of 20, his father had grown ill in the winter. With little medical supplies, his father had died, leaving Kidd and his brother alone in the cold world of the apocalypse. With all the training and knowledge they had gathered from their colony, it was clear that supplies in the region had been growing scarce. Kidd and his brother, Darius, made the decision to travel North with a small group of friends in search for a better home. Four years pass, where the small team of survivors had held shelter in multiple cities and towns on their travels, allowing them to get by, but losing friends along the way. Kidd and his brother had gotten information from another group of refugees in Sweden that Nyheim was a safer place to settle with a rumored government that overshadowed the region. They knew the trip was risky but what did they have to lose, so they set out to Nyheim in search of a more prosperous and fulfilling life. it took them roughly 2 weeks to make the trek to Nyheim.
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