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  1. Met up with a guy called Tom yesterday. Apparently he's part of this group, he did very good roleplay yesterday at the airfield!
  2. Rabrobuck

    PSA - Loot Respawn and persistence in DayZ Standalone [LESS RELEVANT NOW]

    Oh I'm sure it's easy for veteran players of this game to find "loot explosions", but for those of us who had been maybe playing for a week? It's not so easy. Especially considering just about every place between the shore and these places of high-yield loot, there's little to no food. I was able to get from Cherno to Kabanino before i died from starvation, and even apple trees and berry bushes yielded little to no food results. It's just... really hard to survive playing a new spawn in this server. That screenshot was taken in my third day of playing on this server, my friend. Your argument, not that valid.
  3. Rabrobuck

    PSA - Loot Respawn and persistence in DayZ Standalone [LESS RELEVANT NOW]

    [attachment=1484]Man, there's so little loot to be found!
  4. Hello, Lunabug. Thank you for redirecting me, but I have already done this! Nonetheless, thank you for the heads up. Thank you, Owen! Hey, did I see you at the North West Airfield yesterday? You've got a nice little green military suit with a camouflaged Mosin. I was with my friends and I remarked that you gave me a heart attack.
  5. Hey guys, just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm pretty new to DayZRP but the experiences I've had so far have been rather good, even better than what I hoped for. Hope to see all of you around!
  6. Rabrobuck

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    Walked across half of Chernarus. Server suddenly crashed and I was back into Elektro with all of my old stuff. RIP, cool crossbow with holosight and 1 hour of walking.