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  1. We had reached our peak. Our world flourished. We were one with the power of nature and sky. Until we angered the gods... I was but a young boy when I found the truth and unveiled the scrolls. Our chieftain, whose seed I came from, sent us cubs into the tall, grey wildernesses to scavenge for food and materials that The Ones That Came Before left as we returned more often than the big ones who spent the days preparing for conquest. On one such trip, and the last one I made for the tribe, I stumbled upon the tallest of the grey monuments. It was different from the rest. It was long.. and on the front it was very tall with a spike on the top. The colors that covered it were odd and mystical, I did not know what I found but I knew this find would change my life. The entrance was battered and littered with Eaters so I snuck around looking for a second entrance and as I hoped, it was clear. As I neared the door my body was shaking, a clear sign that the gods were trying to prevent me from getting closer. I shook off the snow from my tattered clothes and stepped through the doorway. This is where The Ones That Came Before communed with the gods. "Incredible find! They must have so much food in here", I thought to myself, not realizing what I would find is much greater. At the end of the room, at the place all the chairs pointed at, was a book that looked just like the one my life-giver read to me as it was just as thick... but this wasn't Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. It was covered in symbols that meant nothing to me! Under the pedestal, I found a cup that must've been holy as it was very, very shiny and more books that were smaller but had similar symbols to the one on top and... they had many pictures. It took me only half the book to realize that what I was looking at, was the prophecy to the world! I was not sure at what point we were at until I reached the part with many people eating together and I knew, that must've been from the night before when the chieftain brought lamb for us to eat and he must be the man in the middle! The next several images absolutely horrified me, I still hadn't stopped shaking and sneezing from the influence of the gods but I knew what must be done. I grabbed a can from my knapsack, ate another holy meal in the holy place, stuffed two prophecies in my bag and went back to the tribe. It was dark when I arrived. I could not let the scouts see me so I snuck around through the bushes where the cubs would hide. The chieftain was in his tent and I saw a faint flicker of the last few embers from the campfire he prepared in front. My scavenge was not very successful and I had no nails but I knew it had to happen one way or another. I stood over his tent for what felt as an eternity. Was I the one? Must I push this prophecy in action? Yes, I was the one. The prophecy has already unfolded. Rushing into the tent, prophecy in hand, I bashed the chieftains head with the book until all I could hear was a gurgle. The cover was destroyed and unrecognizable. The deed was done. We are saved. I leave the prophecy on his mangled skull and stumble away, disappearing into the darkness of the forest. Ever since, I've wandered the corners of the world, spreading the word of the One True Ending that can only be achieved if there are no chieftains as The First Witness. Would you like to hear about our Lords and Saviors, The Ones With Spears?
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