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  1. 5 time wrong...

    Sorry i dont understand i red the stuff but i dident get it?
  2. 5 time wrong...

    I must say that as an dyslexia and my main language is swedish, this becomes really fucking hard. I am so tired of ppl just rdm me on normal servers. I cant begin to explain to you how hard this is for me. I have read the rules more than 30 times. I have read the Lore more than 20 times, and that i am sure off. This makes me rly sad that i cant play on this RP server just because i failed more than 5 times. I better just re-roll life. //Sad face
  3. FAIL!

    I had wrong on 2 fucking questions THIS is the fucking third time i failed! and now i have to wait 18 hours! omfg... I have played on this server before... Please Admins have mercy on me. I am going a little bit insane. For real guys.
  4. "HELP" I cant login! "HELP"

    Hey my ingame name is Leo Berg and i cant login i havent played for some time now and i got a new computer can anyone guide me please, i realy need to hold somebodys hand right now! Btw it said that i am not whitelisted
  5. Borrow Mc account

    okay never thought of that well i bet we can always play another day. Thx for
  6. Borrow Mc account

    Hey guys i am here today to seek an borrow an minecraft account, my little brother is 8 years old and wanted to play with me for the first time on an LAN server. If anyone is intressted in borrow me an acccount just for 2 hours that would be nice.
  7. My Minecraft vs MLP Video

    This is some intense shit lads! haha ^^ just made my first real amatuer video on sony vegas haha please take some of my love haha! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RItnApi5uQQ
  8. Change my IGN

    oh i thought i had to ask cuz u guys had some kind of database or something, thanks for the help.
  9. Change my IGN

    I would like to change my IGN from Leokan Tommila to Leo Berg. Everyone having such a hard time pronounceing my name...
  10. Loot ?

    Thanks alot guys!
  11. Loot ?

    So i noticed that on the server restart it dident respawn new loot? Does loot spawn randomly now or is it only on server restarts?
  12. New sniper!

    haha yeah i would love that ^^
  13. New sniper!

    What do you guys think about the new sniper! i freeking love it, maybe it uses some special ammo? http://www.dailyfailcenter.com/sites/default/files/fail/ad6yQjZ_700b.jpg
  14. April fool?

    okay thanks for the fast reply guys!
  15. April fool?

    NO! so do any of u guys know when the waiting is done? i wish it was 8 short hours instead...