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  1. My name is Sampson Olufsen, I am 22 years old, I was born in 2049. I was born in University Hospitals Macdonald Women's Hospital based in Cleveland, Ohio. The town I grew up in was a small town named Sacramento located in Pennsylvania. I was raised on a farm by my Aunt Mary and Uncle Charlie. I was always kept outside from dusk till dawn. As a child I would go out and play in the woods with my friends. We would explore and find mushrooms and plants to make stew out of. I would fish with my uncle in the ponds that were way out in the woods. When I was eight my uncle took me out for my first time whitetail hunting. I remember the first time I shot the gun. It was a .45 caliber muzzleloader with a 4x scope on it. My uncle said “squeeze the trigger slowly,” so I did and the scope came back and hit me in the nose. My uncle was a cattle farmer so I used to skin the cattle in the barn with him. We had beef cattle, rabbits, chickens, and ducks. For most of my childhood I was learning how to fend for myself and learn the nature around me so I can survive. Whilst I was a school boy I would get decent grades. I would never go out and party. I would follow all the rules in school. I would never fight, except the one time that my friend Aaron was getting bullied for wearing old clothes. I asked John (the bully) to stop and leave him be. He said “if you don't want me to hit Aaron then you will have to stop me.” I stepped in between them and took a punch straight to the face. It knocked me backwards. I straightened myself out and started swinging. Thanks to my Uncle for teaching me how to fight. When I turned 16 I got my driver’s license. For the first time I have felt total freedom. I started staying out late and getting in trouble from my Aunt and Uncle. That's where some of the drugs that I started using came into play. I'm not gonna lie, some of the things I took were pretty lit. The first thing I took was a mushroom. It looked like I was staring at a sunflower with petals that were trying to consume me. I was starting to experiment with some of the trippy shit. I took acid and lsd(which is basically acid in liquid form). When I turned 18 I decided to join the military, because the military has given me an option to turn my life around. After the countless amount of training that I have gone through, I decided to join a voluntary group working for a non-profit that was going over to help people going through the pandemic. I joined because I wanted to help out as much as I could and to explore the world. We arrived on the Island and everything seemed ok, until we discovered something. It felt like most of the training the military has given is no good for this. The people weren't just sick, they were infected with some sort of virus, the town it was in complete anarchy. A few days after we learned this we got driven out of the camp by the infected.
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