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  1. Woohoo just found out my Whitelist App was accepted see all of you in-game
  2. Ghost4o1

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    Woohoo! Just found out my Whitelist Application was accepted . See all of you in-game
  3. Ghost4o1

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    if you have updated it on steam it will always be on the current stable version no need for any files Ok Thank you guys , appreciate the help! Nice Thanks, Can you guys send me a DL Link? I want to make sure i have the right files. As valk nicely said Simply keep your steam copy of DayZ up to date and done Thank you Tamaster Appreciate you taking your time to reply
  4. Ghost4o1

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    It will always be on teh current stable build until they release modding tools Nice Thanks, Can you guys send me a DL Link? I want to make sure i have the right files.
  5. Ghost4o1

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    What version is the server on?
  6. Nice , Thanks again Sung going to go try this out i'll post on here again or PM you if i'm still having troubles. Wow there is a lot of rules here, its going to take a while to remember it all... No tolerance for cheating is good enough but damn lol Gonna try my best to remember them
  7. Btw for the whitelist application im having problems with the steamid converter I tried like 3 of my steam accounts and none of them are working... i even tried making a new one just to see if that was the case but its still not working, When it comes to applications im 100% straight up/honest but this tool seems bugged lol any ideas?
  8. Thanks alot Sung ! this info is very helpful i'll check out that link
  9. Thanks , appreciate the quick response man! I guess i'm going to apply for whitelist while i wait for my torrent to download Ahh I guess i need to download steam again *sigh* hopefully it doesn't mess around with my skyrim again
  10. So can you guys give me some quick tips on the download? does the client come updated and ready to play? Its been a while since i played DayZ SA lol maybe since like v30 or less.. So any tips/advice that will help me catch up on what i have been missing would be very helpful! Thanks Anything Helps lol and i won't fall for the old " I'm Friendly" trick so you can throw that out the window lol