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  1. He's eager, wise, athletic and perhaps a little too harsh. But there's more than meets the eye, not surprising for somebody with his position. He was born in an ordinary family in a normal port. He lived happily until he was about 14 years old, but at that point life changed as his father died whilst deployed abroad fighting the war in Iraq. Filled with rage and anger, Jack converted his feelings in to determination, When 18 years old he followed his dads footsteps and enlisted in to the military. Altough to the Navy, he knew his dad would be proud. Over the years he decided to apply to become a Seal operator and was starting to gain a little fame for his determination and drive to not quit when others did. But he knew with his talents and cunning, there's nothing to stop him from reaching full potential. He knew that he could quickly become a person of importance for any team. After working with the team for less then two years the pandemic was in effect and there seemed to be nothing stopping it. People dying and waking up as zombies seemed like the end for Jack, loosing all his friends and the people in his team has made him think about the life he once had. On the brink of death, a second away from painting the wall with his brains. The determination came back, there may be more to it than this; he feels like there's more than we know in this world.
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