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  1. Ward was born on a makeshift campsite in the year 2039. The world was different and people were in harmony fighting against the imminent danger that was the CAE-VIR-2 virus. At least until 2042. The new world now scraped bare to the bone of reminisce of a past life, luxuries such as food and water could not be obtained without work. Ward, just a baby, was barely cared for by his ever-loving parents who would often have to resort to stealing and violence to come by simple items like baby food. As Ward grew up surrounded by chaos and violence he observed his parents and their cruel tactics of survival until one day in the harsh winter of 2048 his father who had forfeit all warmth clothing to his beloved wife and child could take the cold no more and passed from severe frost bite to several limbs. Ward (now a youth) and his mother traversed the vast landscape of Norway occasionally coming across settlements and hearing the whispers of a better land (Nyheim). As the years passed and Ward grew and aged into an adolescent he started to become more useful and beneficial to his mother. But with his age came a cruel nature and deep will to survive. By the year 2052 Ward and his mother had joined a Norwegian settlement and had finally created sustainable community, perhaps this was home? It was their home for a further two years until 2054, by now Ward was a young man at 15. He had matured and learnt the basics of survival. He was uneducated but highly skilled in physical work and labour. He was a vital member of the community. By now the community had developed walls designed to keep the infected out. They worked as designed for a while until a watchman who had been working a double shift fell asleep in his tower allowing a build up of infected to form around the perimeter. In the early hours of the following morning the community awoke to the screams of woman and children being mauled by dead. The community was sustainable but had gone many years without the need for violence meaning they had few weapons and less ammunition. Regardless the watchmen fired their bullets in a measly attempt to clear the breach but just alerting more to the location. There was no option but immediate evacuation. Ward and his mother fled to the gates and ran but the swarm was overwhelming and blocked the way. In a last ditch effort to preserve her son, Wards mother snatched a flair and drew the crowd leaving a gap for Ward to run. With tears down his face Ward fled to the woods with little rations. Days passed and turned into weeks which soon bled into months of aimless wandering around the wasteland that was Trondheim until a static buzz arose from the body of a uniformed soldier. Ward ran over and searched the corpse for anything salvageable only to come across a working radio. After seconds of flicking threw channels, a clear voice appeared on the radio telling of a new world, a new hope, an iron utopia, Nyheim. The name was familiar but until now it had been no more than a whisper. Ward took the radio. Left with no more than a rucksack and a radio and a map, he aimed his compass north and set towards Nyheim.
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