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  1. Hello! I'm from the UK and I am 19. looking forward to meeting you guys if all goes well
  2. Joey never knew his parents, he was brought up by his older brother Neek, as a result of his parents were killed shortly after Joey's birth, from a small tribe that had come together at the beginning of the 50s. This caused the two to have an unbreakable bond of being brothers. They were inseparable from each other. The only time they were apart was when Neek had to venture out for supplies for his little brother. This had of course changed after a new hope had emerged towards the end of the decade, when people flocked to what utopia was promised to them. Neek was always sceptical of this, as he had worried about the safety and security of his little brother Joey. As the years passed and Joey grew older, he learned to be independent, as in the 60s Neek had been assigned to one of the newly created trade routes between some of the cities and settlements. With little contact, he worried for his older brothers safety, hoping that he wouldn't reach the same fate as his parents had more than a decade ago. This had unfortunately happened in a way that Joey didn't expect. On that fateful morning of August 7th 2069, after all the news of the quarantine, Joey had already been reunited with his brother. It was cut short, As Neek was one of the victims killed in the savage bombings throughout Nyheim. This broke Joey. The place he had become accustomed to, the place he thought he'd spend his life safely, had turned upside down. The next two years, Joey laid low. Never staying in one place for longer than a week, always on the move learning to be quick on his feet. Not over his brothers death by any means, but the independence he learnt previously helped him to no end. Now he is still doing the same thing, alone. Feeling more and more isolated, he continues his search for people to trust once again, to be a part of something.
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