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  1. LIF already has tons of rp servers though, 7 days to die doesnt have 1
  2. i wouldnt know, i visit just to see how dayz is doing, this is the only dayz server i play, but i just love 7 days to die's mmorpg skill system, as well as building, zombie horde system, awsome crafting, etc, and to see theres no good RP server is a waste, so much potential. but im about to test this server again
  3. you know you can read it again right? i typed it i didnt say it.
  4. hello, im just dropping this here, im sure its been suggested before but, itd be way awsome, all servers are just survive, wipe, then survive again, but a server where there would be actual rp, actual settlements, thatd be awsome.
  5. hello I'm sure this has been asked a lot but i can't keep track of the dates in the posts about it before, i want to ask if persistence is on at sunday, may 3, 2015?
  6. apologies, i just don't like the thought of the group that had me killed having so much time to still have fun in the game
  7. if this does not get reviewed soon i am going to take action myself, i was told in this server i don't have to worry about KOSers who kill without proper cause, I've died against this statement about 3 times in a row. if the ones who broke this rule are not getting punished i am going to have to spread word about the lack of punishment for KOS and the probability a new player will get KOSed here
  8. bump, please solve this report
  9. since you are accusing me of bad role-play now, i have no choice but to respond to defend myself. i did not have bad role-play because i did not have a chance to role-play, YOUr group did not even initiate, the first thing you guys do is say: Hey buddy, have you ever heard of the purge? and as seen in the video you did not answer when i asked who is this, (you guys had masks on), nor did you answer when my character was intimidated and asked if this group was friendly while leaving, how can i role-play when there is no role-player to role-play with...
  10. RULES BROKEN BY STRAHIL ROLEPLAY You are required to role play a character at all times. No OOC events or communication may take priority over your role play. Your character must follow our lore and his back story must fit well within the current situation in Chernarus. Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in. why did you break this rule? you broke it when you played the purge video for no reason and said to me: hey buddy you heard of the purge? and you didnt even know me. why didnt i break this rule? every time i typed out of character i put my //s , plus i was initiated, i did not initiate, and becouse strangers came to me playing a weird sound out of nowhere, i ran for my life, but at the bottom of the ladder, i began to ask to the strangers if they were friendly, which you thought was funny in your video. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Killing On Sight Killing another player must always be justified by the role playing and the actions specified in this rule; there are several situations where you can kill another player: You have to make contact with the target before initiating a hostile action against it. You must make your hostile intention clear and unambiguous and state each demand before you can harm the victim(s) for non-compliance. You can take revenge for a hostile action taken against you for 2 hours from the time hostile action was taken, as long as it does not conflict with the other rules. You may only share KoS rights when you meet both of the following conditions: You are within 500 meters of the hostile situation at the time of occurrence You were recently apart of the involved parties group. Those who control the freedom of their victim(s) must do everything in their power to keep their victim(s) alive and in relatively good health, unless they have good in character reason to execute their victim(s). Otherwise the victim(s) may only be executed by the bandits if they do not comply with demands or if they pose a direct threat to them. Why did you break this rule? you never initiated roleplay with me, nor DID YOU MAKE YOUR INTENTIONS CLEAR BEFORE HARMING ME. why didnt i break this rule? i didnt kill anyone we have the video and the rules right here, and its clear you broke both of them. i have nothing more to say PS 1) - I never logged out nor respawned. i waited till my character was dead. 2) - Strahil you are equally responsible for my death as mike as you ordered the kill. 3) - you say now that if i cooperated (dont even know what i was supposed to cooperate to.) that i was going to be fine. i assure you that if i stayed and didnt choose to leave the tower, i wouldve gotten robbed by someone in your group, so no, i made the right choice anyway.
  11. lol 12:50 "Get what you want" ; "Did someone just take his vest?" all they saw when i logged on was free good lootz
  14. in all this attempt to make your actions sound legal, and lie trying to add to to it now, there is nothing that makes sense, and i will explain why: 1) - radio transmissions do not reach the united states of America with a handheld radio, and when I logged on the first thing you say is: hey buddy, have you heard the purge? And you all surround me, not even asking my name, then you played it on the mic. 2) - if your characters become aggressive, then clearly they mean harm, it is the damn definition of the word "aggressive" and secondly someone said before you and your group were just scaring people with it, hence NO RP, JUST GOOFING AROUND SCARING PEOPLE ON PURPOSE, so please dont try to make it sound like you were harmless, the reason you play here is so you can do that without worrying about KOSers. 3) - being aggressive has NOTHING to do with being calm, you were calm because you its just a game, you have a big group and nothing to worry about, there's no explanation to why you were so calm there, just a sentence that says "that's why we were so calm" which doesn't make sense at all. 1) - In no point did you or anybody in your group yell close to how you just insinuated, the closest thing to yelling was when you were telling me to put my gun down, which was just raising your voice, not yelling, and talking in syllables, not in worry. But in you did not tell me not to move, my ears never hears that you just said dont leave. 2) - you JUST admitted you knew mosin is OP. Meaning IT ONE SHOTS, IT DOESNT BREAK LEGS LIKE M4 or AKs. and in knowing this and shooting me with a mosin is AKA as killing me on the spot, which is what you said you did not. 3) - put up the video please. You sound exactly like someone trying to cover their bad rp, put it up if you say you did nothing wrong there's no reason to be afraid of putting it up. Please do not cut anything, your group said you recorded everything so please put up the video from the moment I logged on. 1) - like I said before, this is a very obvious covering up of bad rp, you don't run out of food in days, there's more normal food than people lol, its ok to be a cannibal, just u can't rdm just to eat people. 2) buddy, this is dayzrp, there is no opinions about good rp or bad rp, its just good rp or bad rp, its a strict role playing server 3) your right, my mistake, I didn't get KOSed, it was bad rp and RDM, bad choice of words, but still, you broke strict rules and killed me for inappropriate reason while all of you were goofing around making fun of cannibalism. Your whole response is a failed cover up of your goofing around, the way you looted all my things I spent alot of time to get, just saying: "fuck it get what you want" when I could've kosed all of you full auto with my sks, is incredibly frustrating. You have to face the consequences kid. The facts are given, its up to. The GMs to decide of what you did was well done or not.
  15. Yes it is. He spawned upstairs... didn't have a mic... While in character we calmly told him to lower his weapon and so.... And he didn't comply. I have audio and partial video of all events leading up to his death. please post it, i did nothing to intimidate, i said i was leaving and i did nothing to harm anyone, there is nothing to comply to you were NOT robbing me so i left, and you told me once calmly not to leave like it didn't matter, like if you wanted me to stay to trade or something, not because you were restraining me, this is all very bad RP if not RDM