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  1. 7 days to die rp server

    LIF already has tons of rp servers though, 7 days to die doesnt have 1
  2. 7 days to die rp server

    i wouldnt know, i visit just to see how dayz is doing, this is the only dayz server i play, but i just love 7 days to die's mmorpg skill system, as well as building, zombie horde system, awsome crafting, etc, and to see theres no good RP server is a waste, so much potential. but im about to test this server again
  3. 7 days to die rp server

    you know you can read it again right? i typed it i didnt say it.
  4. 7 days to die rp server

    hello, im just dropping this here, im sure its been suggested before but, itd be way awsome, all servers are just survive, wipe, then survive again, but a server where there would be actual rp, actual settlements, thatd be awsome.