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  1. now say i have a shed, can players legaly walk in and take what i have inside of it? or take the shed?
  2. where can i find stuff like lockers, storage, gunsafes, fidges, ect??? im trying to make a home and im not sure where to start.
  3. ill do that now, i was using the dayzsa launcher so i think i did that wrong
  4. I'm not sure I understand what to do, I log into the server after completing the application for the first time and get kicked immediately. The error says "name does not match to and characters" si i changed it to my characters name and re joined after making my character look older. when i join it started me back where i was and not as my new character with my name. what do i do now cause i cant kill my self or id have to make a whole new character.
  5. Was raised in a small town outside of Wisconsin. Grew up with his father taking into the arts of hunting. I worked with my father in the business of selling meats and furs. I never knew my mother. My father used to tell me she died before I was born but I never knew for sure. He was a secretive man. Grew up my whole life feeding on what I killed. One day I was out on a hunt and heard the sirens... Wasn't sure what this was so I went to the local sheriffs office in town but upon arrival it was empty. Seeing this made me go to my father who was in a hospital in the town. arriving at the institution I found my father was already in the lobby with some military looking guys getting transported out on a stretcher. When I asked what had happened the man said my father started attacking a nurse. This was the first case I found out about until more people where being detained. that when I heard the first gun shot of the new world. Fast forward years later and I'm trying to rebuild what little I have left by doing what I love while staying alive.
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