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  1. I'll see if i can find the other things. I havent even built in vanilla before. Ive only played played DayZ for like 5 hours before I joined this server, so crafting is pretty confusing lol
  2. Dude, same! I had an interaction with the same bloke, and legit bricked my pants lol.
  3. Im missing something here, I must be. I was told all i needed was planks, hammer and nails, but the only options I get to build stuff are crosses, dresser, table, and drawer. I tried looking up videos, but they all seem so different than the doors we use here. Ples halp, Thanks!
  4. Age: 33 Why do you want to volunteer for events?: I haven't played DayZ for long, but I've been a RPer all my life. My first experience on DayZRP was a mini event interaction that Jet ran, and it immediately enabled me to drop into the role of my character, and I had such a fun experience. I DM for multiple tabletop RPGs, and over the years have built up an arsenal of voices, accents, and voice acting experience. I have also had the pleasure of voice acting for a few Warhammer 40k opportunities. I feel (without sounding too big headed) that I am very good at creating an atmosphere and environment around my RP sessions, and I would love to do, what Jet did for me, but for other players to make their experience (and mine) more immersive. What can you contribute with?: A wealth of accents, voices, and thr ability to add immersion to other players. Timezone/when are you available? Unfortunately I work 3 jobs, so it's sometimes harder for me to set the sake weekly time, but I live in the US, and can manage things most evenings (MST) and some Sat and Sundays so 1am UTC on weekdays, but can be available most the day on weekends provided one of my soccer/football teams don't have a game. What kind of roles do you play? Anything. Over my years as a GM, I've created and filled the shoes of hundreds of NPCs. My IRL background is Military and Police, so I can comfortably fit into those roles, but I can do anything that's needed. Some of my most used Voices: Scottish, English, Irish, Australian, Kiwi, American, "Wakandan", Russian, Italian, Spanish, Gnomish, Orc. Belter creole (The Expanse), Old Wizard.
  5. Hi All, Im Andy. a 33 year old veteran / police officer. Im originally from Scotland, but immigrated to the US (CO) 6 years ago. I recently started playing Dayz in general but found vanilla to be very boring. Typed in DayRP servers, and this popped up as #1, and after watching videos, reading the lore and EVENTUALLY finding the passphrase after several read throughs, Im whitelisted! Looking forward to joining in! I DM for several tabletop RPG systems, so im excited to utilize my armory of voices and accents. I shall be trying to drop in on Sunday for the first time. I coach soccer (Football), too, and one of my teams has an away game is Laramie WY.... when I live in Denver... So Saturday will be fully booked. Cant wait to meet you all. Thanks!
  6. Draper is an ex-military policeman. Severed 14 years before leaving to take care of his only child, after his wife passed away. Cocky and humorous, but its all just a font to hide his crushing guilt. When the infected came, he was he was forced to choose between his daughter and wife... He only had time to save one of them... H chose his daughter, and is plagued by nightmares of the screams of his dying wife in the next room... It wasn't long after that his daughter passed away after being unable to get her daily dose of medication she required for a rare heart disease. Draper became a wanderer. Moving from one place to the next, hoping to join his family, but always found himself still trying to be a protector. He wouldn't stay with one group for long. His gallows-like humor is all that he really had left. A lost mans last glimmer of humanity.
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