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  1. I've met you for the first time today. Had no idea who you were or how I ended up at your camp, since I don't usually visit that side of the map. Had fun. I might try to become a citizen, since good ol' Bernie is too old to be alone
  2. When base building is a thing, I'll have zombies living next door so I can ask for beans and stuff cos I'm cheap.
  3. Butcher

    Bugs YOU spotted in 0.57

    I don't want to repeat what's been said previously, so... 1) can't seem to find matches and rope. Survivors I've met shared the same issue. 2) when replacing items, the ones that I've had tend to disappear instead of dropping on the ground. 3) jumping makes me drop my gun sometimes.
  4. I've been roleplaying a biker for a while. Wouldn't mind creating a new character if that means having some company. I fear joining with my current character wouldn't make much sense. Will give it a thought.
  5. First item I saw was a tent. Magical.
  6. Thanks for the words. Here's a couple more...
  7. I was awake for 30 hours straight and this still managed to get me entertained. Good shit. This man gives you such entertainment that you rarely see in game and still, there's someone that has to complain over little things. Maddon...